Village of Robbins Council Meeting: 10/26/2021

Village of Robbins Council Meeting: 10/26/2021

Village of Robbins Council Meeting: 10/26/2021 (Robbins, IL) — Tuesday’s Village of Robbins regular council meeting was called to order by Mayor Darren Bryant at 7:06 PM. Trustees Ernest Maxey, Gregory Jackson, Tiffany Robinson, David Dyson, and Michael Collier were present, as well as Clerk Sharon Dyson, Deputy Clerk Kyiesha Hill, Village Administrator Jasmine Washington, Executive Assistant Todd Stroger, and Legislative Assistant Ryan Buckley. Trustee George Brewton was not present, however a quorum was established.

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The board moved quickly to approve minutes from previous meetings without any questions or discussion. Clerk Dyson then read through announcements and correspondence.

Mayor’s Report

The Mayor’s Report consisted of an announcement of regular Financial Empowerment Seminars held at the Robbins Park District from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm. He also announced that the CDBG funds have been allocated toward some work that is needed. The board set a special meeting for Saturday at 11:00 AM to go over the bid paperwork and approve the contract. Bryant also spoke of a meeting held the previous Saturday at which the local entities met and discussed moving forward on one accord. Although he was not specific with what entities were involved, it is assumed that there were representatives present from the village, library, park district, and local school districts. He stated that a Comprehensive Planning Committee will be established with representatives from each entity on the committee. Bryant also stated that police and fire contract negotiations are set to begin soon. Bryant gave the floor to Administrator Washington, who asked for patience as the village works to “fix the things that have been out of whack.” She stated that they had “to stop a lot of bleeding” at the village. Bryant piggybacked off Washington, stating that the board is looking into getting a forensic audit completed.

Village Clerk Dyson continued with her report, providing numbers for transfer stamp income. Village Finance Director Marlo Kemp provided the Treasurer’s Report in the absence of Trustee Brewton, the Finance Committee Chair. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted unanimously.

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Standing Committee Reports

Trustee Robinson, chair of the Public Safety Committee thanked Stroger and Buckley for going to Springfield to speak with legislators. She continued with her report, announcing that the Flock Public Safety Cameras are nearly finished being installed. The cameras read license plates and provide real-time updates to the Robbins Police Department if any of the plates have been reported to have been involved in a crime. The service is under a trial period of 60 days. Youth and curfew ordinances are also in the works.

Trustee Collier provided a brief report as chair of the Public Works Committee. He stated that water bills are being paid and asked that residents continue to pay their water bills.

The rest of the meeting went off without a hitch, with most residents raising concerns with some trees. The mayor and trustees adjourned into executive session.

Village of Robbins Council Meeting: 10/26/2021

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