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Democratic Unity to Save Democracy in the Name of Anti-Voter Suppression

I’m of the opinion and belief that Reading is Fundamentally Mandatory #gatorbradley

Bradley Report: Wallace “Gator” Bradley Condemns Valencia in Illinois Secretary of State Race

"Look, Listen, Learn then please read the verifiable documented facts and SHARE." #bradleyreport

Bradley Hopes Both Dr. Darden and Mayor Bryant of Robbins Can Resolve the Situation

“I think those two men need to sit down and talk things out and have the developer there. If there is something that the developer has done, then there is something that can be straightened out,” said Bradley, who is a community activist. #BradleyReport

Wallace Gator Bradley Endorses Honorable Judge Rena Marie Van Tine for the Leeming Vacancy

"My decision was made before I became Judge Van Tine’s Urban Translator and Political Consultant. After reviewing her qualifications and experience as a judge for the last 20 years, it’s clear that she would continue to be an asset the to the Court and to the legal profession." #TheBradleyReport

Video: The Bradley Report With Alexi Giannoulias

Here Wallace "Gator" Bradley speaks with Alexis Giannoulias about Giannoulias' run for Secretary of State. #TheBradleyReport

McDonald’s Settles Lawsuits Alleging the Corporation gives Preferential Treatment to White Franchisees

Wallace "Gator" Bradley: "This is a win for the undermined and underappreciated Black franchisees here in the US. Large corporations can no longer treat us unfairly without push-back. I am proud to be a part of that change." #DontBeMcFooled

Is Ariel Alternatives’ Project Black Really Black?

Let me tell you how we got to this point and draw the Really Black conclusion. In the fall of 2014, I met the Byrd Brothers, Darrell and James F. Byrd Jr., Black McDonald’s franchisees at a Memphis Grizzlies basketball game. They told me that they had eight (8) McDonald’s stores, four (4) each, and McDonald’s was forcing them to sell four (4) stores, two (2) each, to Fred Tillman, who’s White and at that time was the largest McDonald’s USA franchisee.

The Urban Translator Wallace “Gator” Bradley gets his COVID booster, encourages others

Activist Wallace "Gator" Bradley gets down to business and received his COVID vaccine.

The Bradley Report: Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle

The Bradley Report: Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle

Wallace “Gator” Bradley endorses JB Pritzker in upcoming race

Wallace "Gator" Bradley endorses JB Pritzker in upcoming race (Chicago, IL) - Because it was brought to my attention that in Illinois, Pritzker has signed off on nearly every part of the national Democratic platform, from raising the minimum wage to a massive infrastructure bill (Pritzker calls it the Rebuild Illinois plan) to clean-energy legislation and legalizing cannabis

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