Gary Rabine: Decision Could Come Soon on Vaccination Mandate

Gary Rabine: Decision Could Come Soon on Vaccination Mandate


Gary Rabine: Decision Could Come Soon on Vaccination Mandate (Illinois) – The final oral arguments were heard Friday in the Illinois Supreme Court case that will determine if the federal government can mandate employee vaccination for small businesses. A decision could come as soon as next week. 

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Gary Rabine, founding board member of Job Creators Network, is a named party to the lawsuit which is fighting President Joe Biden’s mandate. The lead plaintiffs in the lawsuit include The Rabine Group of Companies led by Rabine, Lawrence Transportation Company led by CEO Eric Lawrence, Guy Chemical Company led by President Guy Berkebile, Independent Bakers Association led by President Nicholas Pyle and Guy Chemical Company led by employee Terri Mitchell.


Biden ordered U.S. companies last month to ensure their employees are fully vaccinated by Jan. 4 or regularly tested for Covid-19. Workers must receive their second shot of Pfizer or Moderna’s two-dose vaccines or a single dose of Johnson & Johnson by that date, according to the requirements. The mandate by the Biden Administration and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration under the Labor Department apply to businesses with 100 or more employees.

“This is about my passion for job creation. When bad regulation hurts jobs, it bothers me,” said Rabine, 58, a business builder and chairman of The Rabine Group of companies.  “This mandate is the granddaddy of them all.”

The Illinois 6th Circuit Court upheld Biden’s ruling so the plaintiffs appealed to a higher court.

“When we looked at how many people would not be working for us because of this mandate, we would lose 20 percent of our teammates. People don’t understand how it would not only ruin a business but ruin families,” said Rabine. “It is a terrible domino effect because we are going to lose employees. I believe this is totally against our freedom for the government, a business or employer to tell an employee they must put something in their body. I am a pro-vaccination person. I have been vaccinated all my life and my family has been vaccinated. It is not about vaccination, but it is about what happens. If this doesn’t go our way, then we will still be fighting every level we can.”

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Rabine is Running for Governor of Illinois

Rabine is also an Illinois Republican Gubernatorial candidate. He believes being the only candidate with a business background helps him stand out. 

“I created thousands of jobs here in Illinois and I am the only candidate to do that. I am the only candidate who has built dozens of businesses in Illinois,” added Rabine. “The idea of running was because of the economy and because taxes were out of control and regulation was out of control.”

Rabine is also one of the founders and board members of Run Gen Z, whose goal is to inspire hundreds of young people nationwide to run for public office. The candidates would have a network of politicians, mentors and consultants along the way. One local man coming out of the program includes south side Chicago resident Gino Young, who is running for Illinois 1st Congressional District. 

Need for Younger People in Office

“We have a lot of people in the older generation in government dictating the future for younger people and that has got to change,” said Rabine. “If we don’t get younger people in office to run and to understand that they control their own destiny, we are going to lose our country. I believe in getting young people involved and at least be a big percentage of the future.”

Gary Rabine: Decision Could Come Soon on Vaccination Mandate

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