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Quinton R. Arthur

Quinton R. Arthur is a creative spirit. He received his Bachelor of Arts in English from Northern Illinois University, and his Master of Science in Journalism from Roosevelt University. Quinton is an avid reader and connoisseur of nerd culture.

Hazel Crest Experiences Two Deaths on Valentine’s Day

“She was one of the first people that helped open up the senior center,” said Alsberry. #HazelCrest

Markham Business Owners Voice Concerns Over Liquor Ordinance

“I believe businesses are important for the city of Markham. I’ve seen you all live and scramble to get your businesses up and running. I feel for you and that balance," said Alderman Rondal Jones #Markham

Hazel Crest to Borrow $30 million to Replace Water Service Lines 

“There is language in the ordinance where there is a great opportunity for that money to be forgiven due to the fact that the village of Hazel Crest is considered a distress community,” said Village Manager Dante Sawyer. #HazelCrest

Dr. Rhonda Sherrod’s New Book SHE Helps Heal Trauma Within the Black Community

“I think a lot of pressure is put on males, in particularly Black Males to be strong at all time, to be invulnerable, to be impervious to pain. It’s just not a real way that people can function,” said Sherrod. #DrRhondaSherrod

Carmen Quinones Discusses Her Candidacy as Cook County Judge With The Southland Journal

“I have still been able to grow a business to the point where I am probably one of best known attorneys in domestic relations especially when it comes to family and children,” Quinones shared. #CarmenQuinones

Barry Mixon Shares Gems of Wisdom Through His Life Experience

“When you think about how much people of color have been a part of this industry, I wanted to approach it in a way where it wasn’t them against us. It's about how gemstones are seen throughout the world,” says Mixon. #BarryMixon

Ashely Ramos Discusses Her Candidacy for US Congress With The Southland Journal

“When the laws need to be passed, and when the decisions need to be made, we need to consciously go there thinking Illinois,” stated R #AshleyRamos

Carmen Navarro Gercone Discusses Her Candidacy as Cook County Sheriff With The Southland Journal

“The sheriff’s office was my opportunity to prove to my father the choices I made, the decisions I made, and the mistakes I made weren’t going to define who I was,” said Gercone. #CarmenGercone

Hazel Crest Mustangs Honored with Resolution by the Village

“It’s about doing everything in our power to let these kids know that there is somebody out there that cares about them,” said Wilkes. #HazelCrest

Business Owner Earnest Sutton Talks With The Southland Journal

“The easy way is the hard way. The harder you work, the easier things become,” confirmed Sutton. #EarnestSutton

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