Ashely Ramos Discusses Her Candidacy for US Congress With The Southland Journal

Ashely Ramos Discusses Her Candidacy for US Congress With The Southland Journal


Ashely Ramos Discusses Her Candidacy for US Congress With The Southland Journal (Cook County, IL) Ashley Ramos is the challenger to current second Illinois Congressional District’s Congresswoman Robin Kelly. With a background in service work, Ramos hopes to strengthen the district.

Community Advocacy

Ramos views herself as an advocate of nonprofit work and social services. She believes the work done in these organizations not only help communities, but they build communities.

As a Christian, Ramos’ faith shaped her and is one of her guiding principles.

“I am a believer in not only should you give a person a fish, but once they are fed, you should teach them how to fish themselves because then we can continue to return those favors,” said Ramos.

Ramos started a nonprofit, Back the Blue Events, where she worked with first responders all over the state and the country to help build communities and foster better relationships.

As a mother, Ramos is proud of her children as they participate sports and in community service with her.

“That is a great accomplishment in my mind,” said Ramos.

Though the pandemic continues to be a hardship for many, she was hopeful to see people from help each other. She even acted at the beginning of the pandemic.

“When COVID first started I helped sew masks by hand,” Ramos shared.

Taking Care of Home First

If elected, Ramos intends for the district to grow and be an example. She challenges current and future representatives to be more aware and active of what is happening within their districts. She also wants them to keep Illinois at the forefront.

“When the laws need to be passed, and when the decisions need to be made, we need to consciously go there thinking Illinois,” stated Ramos.

Some of the issues she sees within the district include opioid addiction, homelessness, and education. In particular, she feels that more actions could have be taken to keep children more engaged during remote learning.

Whether or not she is elected, Ramos wants to continue a backpack initiative. This initiative would supply children with armored backpacks. Though the idea seems controversial, Ramos believes this will save lives.

“I would rather save a life and acknowledge that there is a problem,” said Ramos.

In addition to the backpacks, students would receive art supplies and a link to a website where their art can be shared. The goal is to know directly from youth what issues are affecting them the most. She wants to bring down the hopelessness and suicide rates in youth today.

“Children are bearing the brunt of a fight that adults should be more conscious and aware of,” said Ramos.

A Part of the Community

Ramos is adamant about the public going to community meetings, such as school board, town hall, and county meetings. She believes the only way to help is to know what the issues are.

She wants to be remembered as someone who was a part of their community.

“I want to be remembered as the woman who never left home, who always advocated for where she came from, and that I did the best I could for my district, my state and my country,” said Ramos.

Ashely Ramos Discusses Her Candidacy for US Congress With The Southland Journal


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  1. Q: Ashley, where do you stand on J6, the fact the Biden is holding political prisoners, and what do you plan on doing about it?

    A: (via Telegram) “J6 is a b***s*** dog and pony show that’s costing good patriots their lives. I hope that in this life and the next certain players in the show have to answer for what they’ve done.”

    “I would advocate for release of all political prisoner and pardons of any convicted. I’m also against HR350 which Robin Kelly currently has in committee.”

  2. Hey – Can we talk about Ashley’s bank-robbing husband, James Michael Andrews for a minute?

    (via daily-journal dot com)
    Chebanse: Prison time in bank robbery

    “James M. Andrews, 29, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit armed robbery of Federated Bank of Chebanse and was sentenced to five years behind bars, Iroquois County State’s Attorney Jim Devine told The Daily Journal on Wednesday.”

    “Andrews also was charged with armed robbery without a firearm, theft over $10,000, robbery of a financial institution, aggravated robbery, conspiracy to commit theft over $10,000, conspiracy to commit robbery of a financial institution and conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery.”

    1. About a week ago, Ashley Ramos sat and listened to her son’s screams for help as her fiancée, James Andrews, mercilessly stomped on and beat her innocent teenaged son. There is photo evidence of the abuse.

  3. CW: Child Abuse

    Ashley Ramos standing by while her husband brutally beats their son.

    facebook dot com/story.php?story_fbid=2277382512403638&id=100003957352703