Dr. Rhonda Sherrod’s New Book SHE Helps Heal Trauma Within the Black Community

Dr. Rhonda Sherrod’s new book SHE helps heal trauma within the Black community


Dr. Rhonda Sherrod’s new book SHE helps heal trauma within the Black community (Chicago, IL) The journey to healing after trauma can be complicated and difficult to navigate. Dr. Rhonda Sherrod is helping Black community along this road in her new book.

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Dr. Rhonda Sherrod is a native of the Western Suburbs of Maywood. After graduating from Proviso East High School, she received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Alabama and a master’s degree in English from Chicago State University. She earned a law degree at the University of Texas and eventually got a doctorate degree at Jackson State University.

She taught psychology at two historically black universities before returning to Chicago. Today, she is the president of The Need To Know Group. Through this organization, she works with educators, entrepreneurs, and private clients on professional development, communication strategies and Black History all over the world.

However, out of all her endeavors, writing is still her first love.

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Surviving, Healing and Evolving: Essays of Love, Compassion, Healing and Affirmation for Black People is a book of letters for Black women and girls and covers community trauma.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Sherrod wrote the book to help others with similar challenges. Even as a naturally a private person, Sherrod felt she needed to be the one to write this book.

“Writing it was therapeutic and liberating in some sense, it’s just that I didn’t want to put it out,” joked Sherrod.

The first section, Little Girl Devastated: For Myself, focuses on Sherrod’s personal journey from trauma to healing. The second section, For My Sisters, is about the struggles Black women navigate and how to overcome them. The final section, For My Community, looks at the issues in the Black community, including negative stereotypes of Black men.

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Community Healing

“I think a lot of pressure is put on males, in particularly Black Males to be strong at all time, to be invulnerable, to be impervious to pain. It’s just not a real way that people can function,” said Sherrod.

Sherrod’s blogging and writing, many Black Men have also found value.

Sherrod warned unhealed wounds manifests in many unhealthy ways. She encouraged Black men to deal with their issues through therapy, positive connections, and acts of self-care.

A Healed Community

Sherrod found inspiration in the work of authors Toni Morrison, James Baldwin, Ann Petry, and The Autobiography of Malcolm X. She plans to release other books, including one on healing in education. She recognizes that we are in a precarious time in education of Black history.

“This is civil rights issue and how important Black people have understood that there is a nexus of education and liberation,” said Sherrod.

Sherrod’s mission is for the Black people to be fully healed and function at their optimal levels.

“My inspiration is simple: I want to see Black people thrive and bask in the fullness of their beautiful selves,” stated Sherrod in the press release for her book.

SHE Can be purchased at www.survivinghealingandevolving.com.

Dr. Rhonda Sherrod’s new book SHE helps heal trauma within the Black community

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