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Quinton R. Arthur

Quinton R. Arthur is a creative spirit. He received his Bachelor of Arts in English from Northern Illinois University, and his Master of Science in Journalism from Roosevelt University. Quinton is an avid reader and connoisseur of nerd culture.

Cook County Commissioner Donna Miller Speaks with The Southland Journal

“In this area, we are a transportation hub. If anyone has driven on any highway, every one of those highways touch my district,” said. Miller #GoDonnaGo

Professor Shanina Thomas Reflects on her Time in Higher Education

“It’s not just about taking courses to get a piece of paper to obtain a job. We need to teach these students how to critically think,” she stated. #CCC

Markham Reduces Size of Zoning Board

“In my travels in the last 40 years, I’ve known that smaller is always better,” said Mayor Agpawa #Markham

Alderwoman Pat Dowell Discusses Run for U.S Congress with the Southland Journal

“The issues that I care about are issues that I can work on, in Washington, for the benefit of my constituents who reside in the first congressional district,” said Dowell. #PatDowell

Businessman Ernest Sutton Approved for Business License for Historic Weenie Wagon Restaurant in Markham

"We want people who come to Markham to understand that the Weenie Wagon is a staple of the community," stated Sutton.

Hazel Crest Officials and Residents Share Concerns During Final 2021 Meeting

Charles Brunt of Country Financial presented a $750 Helping Hero’s Check to the village. #HazelCrest

Regulation of Home Businesses Offers New Opportunities and Challenges for Markham

On the top items on the city attorney's report was an ordinance to approve a text amendment to the Markham zoning code to regulate home occupations in the city was approved.

HBO Max’s New Black Story Initiative Launches in Chicago

The event featured the cast of HBO Max’s “South Side” and performances by two Chicago musical artist.

Cannabis Company Projected to Bring Revenue and Jobs to Hazel Crest

Cannabis Company Projected to Bring Revenue and Jobs to Hazel Crest (Hazel Crest, IL) — The administrative meeting of Hazel Crest had several presentations about the renewal of health benefits, the 2022 tax levy, and a new cannabis business for the area.

Business in Markham Grows but Better Regulation is Needed

During his report, Mayor Roger Agpawa mentioned the challenges as the city grows and aims to do better business.

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