Alderman Marshun Tolbert Providing Turkeys to 2nd Ward Residents

Alderman Marshun Tolbert Providing Turkeys to 2nd Ward Residents


Alderman Marshun Tolbert Providing Turkeys to 2nd Ward Residents (Harvey, Ill.) — Harvey’s 2nd Ward Alderman and current mayoral candidate Marshun Tolbert has announced a 2nd Ward Turkey Giveaway ahead of this year’s Thanksgiving holiday. This year’s giveaway marks the fourth annual Turkey Giveaway for Tolbert.

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“I am privileged to be in a position to help 2nd ward residents with their Thanksgiving meals this year. The last few years have been especially challenging to a lot of people,” said Alderman Tolbert. “Now, coming out of a global pandemic, we are seeing sky-high inflation, food costs are rising, gas prices are through the roof, and regular living expenses are costing families more and more. I am hoping something as simple as this Turkey Giveaway can help ease the burden just a little bit and provide some solace for 2nd ward families.”

Alderman Tolbert continued, “I am incredibly grateful to all the sponsors for helping to provide the turkeys. Their thoughtfulness and generosity in this time of need are truly appreciated and won’t go unnoticed.”

This year’s sponsors include Faith Deliverance Church, the Centers of Islamic Teachings and Community Development, State Representative William Davis (30th District), Harvey City Treasurer Aisha Pickett, and Harvey Library Board Trustee Monique Williams.

Alderman Tolbert announced his candidacy for Mayor recently. He explained his decision to run, saying, “I believe the people of Harvey deserve more. The community has been blighted for years and the citizens are ready for real, tangible change. I am committed to providing a succinct, concrete plan to breathe life back into the community through rigorous economic development, addressing public safety concerns, and providing real solutions to the many problems facing the community. I am ready to be the change that can make Harvey the heart of the Southland.

The Turkey Giveaway will be held at Faith Deliverance Church, 15438 Myrtle Ave. in Harvey on Friday, November 18. 2nd Ward residents can come any time between 2 PM and 6 PM with an ID proving 2nd Ward residency. Deliveries are also available by calling 708-953-8806.

The event flyer can be downloaded by clicking here.

Alderman Marshun Tolbert Providing Turkeys to 2nd Ward Residents


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