Twins couldn’t keep up with the White Sox

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Twins couldn’t keep up with the White Sox (Chicago, Illinois) – In the 3rd game of the series against the Twins, the White Sox brought out pitcher Dallas Keuchel to throw out the first pitch.  In the bottom of the 1st inning White Sox batter Jose Abreu hit a line drive to right center field for an RBI double that gave the White Sox the first run of the day.  Next batter up was White Sox player Brian Goodwin, who singled and gave Abreu just enough time to sneak home from second base.  The White Sox took an early lead with the score at 2-0 by the end of the 1st inning.  In the top of the 2nd, Twin’s batter, Max Kepler, smashed a solo homer that gave the Twins their first run of the day.  In the bottom of the 3rd, White Sox batter Yoan Moncada managed to keep his eyes on a crazy curveball and bombed it to center field for a 2-run homer.  The White Sox extended the lead to 4-1 by the end of the 3rd inning.  In the top of the 5th, Twins batter Andrelton Simmons hit an RBI single to narrow the gap to 4-2 White Sox.

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Both Teams Fight For The Lead

In the top of the 6th White Sox pitcher, Michael Kopech, relieved Keuchel after 89 pitches.  Kopech whipped out a 97mph fastball to Twin’s batter Josh Donaldson, who crushed it to left field for a solo home run.  The score was 4-3 White Sox going into the 7th inning.  In the top of the 8th, White Sox pitcher Ryan Burr took the mound for Kopech.  Twin’s batter Jorge Polanco hit a 2-run homer to right field to take the lead over the White Sox.  In the bottom of that inning, White Sox batter Andrew Vaughn hit an RBI single that tied the game 5-5.  Soon after, White Sox batter Billy Hamilton hit an RBI single.  Next batter up was Abreu, who crushed a 3-run homer.  At the end of the 8th inning, the score was 9-5 White Sox.  In the top of the 9th, White Sox pitcher Liam Hendriks took the mound to close out the game.  Hendriks closed the game with a walk, 2 strikeouts, and a groundout.  The White Sox beat the Twins 9-5.

Up Next

The White Sox face the Twins in the last game of the series tomorrow (7/21/2021) at 7:10pm CST.

Twins couldn’t keep up with the White Sox


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