Sullivan: By Pritzker’s Own Words, He’s Unfit To Serve

Sullivan: By Pritzker’s Own Words, He’s Unfit To Serve
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Sullivan: By Pritzker’s Own Words, He’s Unfit To Serve (Petersburg, IL) — Following today’s release of an audit of the Pritzker administration’s failed response at the LaSalle Veterans Home, Jesse Sullivan is calling for an immediate criminal investigation into the Pritzker administration – starting at the top with J.B. Pritzker himself.

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Sullivan said:

“What happened at LaSalle was a shameful tragedy. When our heroes cried out for help, they were met with deafening silence from the Pritzker administration. Thirty-six veterans died as a result. Illinois veterans deserve better. The families who lost loved ones deserve better.

“Four years ago, J.B. Pritzker called the 13 deaths at the Quincy Veterans Home from Legionnaires’ disease a ‘shameful neglect of our veterans’ and an ‘unconscionable moral failing.’ ‘[T]his is incompetence,’ Pritzker said. ‘This is gross mismanagement.’ Attorney General Lisa Madigan quickly launched a criminal probe into the Rauner administration.

“J.B. Pritzker needs to be held accountable for his failures, and to take responsibility for the lives lost and the damage done. Time and time again, Pritzker has blamed others. He scapegoated IDVA Chief of Staff Tony Kolbeck for not disclosing the severity of the outbreak, but now we are learning that it was IDPH that didn’t act. The bottom line is that by his own definition four years ago, Pritzker is unfit to serve as governor.”

“As governor, I will always stand up for our veterans, and ensure they receive the highest quality of care.”

From the audit:

  • “Although the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) officials were informed of the increasing positive cases almost on a daily basis by the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs (IDVA) Chief of Staff, IDPH did not identify and respond to the seriousness of the outbreak.”
  • “IDPH officials did not offer any advice or assistance as to how to slow the spread at the Home”

From the Chicago Tribune:

  • “It wasn’t until Nov. 11, 10 days after the outbreak began, when a site visit by IDPH was scheduled after state public health officials noted ‘the governor was very concerned’ and wanted IDPH to visit the home.”

Sullivan: By Pritzker’s Own Words, He’s Unfit To Serve


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