Gov. Pritzker Announces Medicaid Reimbursement Increases and Expanded Title X Funds for Reproductive Health Care Providers

The medicaid reimbursement rate increase will give additional resources to providers facing new burdens in the wake of increased restrictions on reproductive care in surrounding states

The $2 million in funds would be in addition to $5.4 million in federal HHS funding and an existing $5.8 million in state funds, for a total budget of…

Devore Response to Circuit Court Ruling Against Pritzker and IDHS

“Raoul should have advocated for the people of Illinois two and a half years ago. I spent the past two and a half years standing with families, first responders and state workers to ensure that the rights of Illinoisans were not being abused by powerful politicians.”

Pritzker's second pandemic executive order "is an unlawful use of his authority under the Illinois Emergency Management Act (IEMAA)..."