Michael Smith Announces Run for Trustee of the Village of Riverdale

Michael Smith Announces Run for Trustee of Village of Riverdale


Michael Smith Announces Run for Trustee of the Village of Riverdale (Riverdale, IL) – Hello My name is Michael Smith, and after praying, talking with my family, my neighbors and my Pastor Apostle Andre Taylor, I have decided to run for Village Trustee in Riverdale, Illinois.

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After being out of the political arena since April of 2017 I feel that my community needs me to stand up and be the voice of the residents of Riverdale. As I stood at the polls on election day in Riverdale I heard many of the residents of Riverdale voice many of my concerns and that’s when I decided it was time to do something.

You cannot affect change by just sitting aside.  You must get involved. I am running on a platform of being ACCESSIBLE to the residents and ensuring that their voices are being heard. Also, following back up to ensure their concerns are addressed properly. I bring EXPERIENCE to the table being a former Village of Dixmoor Trustee for over 8 years. I served as the youngest elected official in the State of Illinois, getting elected at the age of 18 as a senior in High School at Thornton in Harvey, Illinois. As Trustee I served as the Chairman of the Finance, Legislative, and Public Works Committee.

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I understand the inner workings of a municipal government. Last but not least, I will be TRANSPARENT about the affairs of the Village of Riverdale. I will ensure each resident knows what is going on in the Village as well as seek their input and knowledge on how we can best serve them. I will work to build partnerships with our School Board and Park District to ensure we have recreational opportunities for our youth and seniors. I want to ensure that all of Riverdale residents are taken care of. I will work to earn your signatures that will help me to get on the ballot as well your vote that will secure me a seat on the Village of Riverdale Board of Trustees. I ask for your Vote and support February 28, 2023.

For more information about my campaign and/or to volunteer to help please email me at Trusteemichaelsmith2247@yahoo.com. Thank you God Bless America and the Village of  Riverdale.

Michael Smith Announces Run for Trustee of the Village of Riverdale

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