Dozens of Clergy Commit Their Support for David Moore’s Candidacy

Dozens of Clergy Commit Their Support for David Moore’s Candidacy


Dozens of Clergy Commit Their Support for David Moore’s Candidacy (Chicago, IL) – The number of clergy who support Illinois Secretary of State candidate, David Moore, is growing. More than 100 clergy have given their commitment to support his campaign to replace Jesse White, who is vacating the seat at the end of the current term. For the first time, more than 20 came together at the Moore For Illinois campaign office, 8658 S. Cottage Grove Ave. to make their resounding support known publicly.

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Westside Pastor James Floyd of Greater Rock Missionary Baptist Church opened up the news conference by committing his full support and influence in congregations and communities statewide.

“We want to make sure that his name gets out, that his reputation of being honest and fair and for being concerned about the people is known,” said Rev. Floyd.

Bishop Shirley Coleman of Spiritual Wholistic Ministries of Love and Faith, who served as alderman of Chicago’s 16th Ward for four terms, said she is backing Moore because of his leadership in the community before being elected alderman.

“He was an alderman before he was an alderman. He has been doing the work and it will continue in Springfield,” said the former alderman. “Leadership is an action word and we know that your leadership will bring about action.”

Representing the south suburbs was Chief Apostle William McCoy, who said he was supporting Moore’s candidacy for secretary of state because of it is what the late, great Rev. Clay Evans would encourage them to do.

“I believe he’ll be a great servant, because it’s in him. We have galvanized all the way from Danville to Springfield. Here comes David, the lion slayer,” predicted McCoy.

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Another of Moore’s supporters, who is active in government policy, was Rev. Leslie Sanders of Hope Presbyterian Church of Chicago. He said the church community knows David.

“We can trust David. We have seen his work and his work speaks for itself. And the job that he has done as alderman has prepared him for this statewide office to serve the people. He will do a great job. He will represent us well. He’s standing on great shoulders and we are with you,” declared Rev. Sanders.

Moore said he was humbled that men and woman of faith would come out to support him and was grateful for their endorsement.

“It was the late great Rev. Clay Evans who taught me, ‘You keep a good name, because your name will get somewhere before you do.’ So, I’m going to make sure I keep a good name by serving all the people of Illinois,” said the 17th Ward alderman.

Moore said somebody may have more money than him or more endorsements, but nobody was going to outwork him. The lifelong Chicagoan believes with this team of clergy, he will win for the people of Illinois

Dozens of Clergy Commit Their Support for David Moore’s Candidacy

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