David Moore Releases Ethic Reforms and is Endorsed by U.S. Rep. Danny Davis and Former Alderman Dick Simpson

David Moore Releases Ethic Reforms and is Endorsed by U.S. Rep. Danny Davis and Former Alderman Dick Simpson


David Moore Releases Ethic Reforms and is Endorsed by U.S. Rep. Danny Davis and Former Alderman Dick Simpson (Chicago, IL) — Secretary of State Candidate David Moore proudly received the endorsements of two people synonymous with good government and integrity today. During a news conference at the Hotel Allegro, 171 W. Randolph St., Orpheum Room, 3rd Floor, U.S. Rep. Danny Davis (7th CD) and former Chicago Alderman Dick Simpson endorsed Moore as their choice for the next Illinois Secretary of State. Both men believe Moore’s record of integrity and good government are the two most important characteristics for the person seeking to replace Secretary Jesse White, who is retiring after this term.

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Before the two spoke, Moore outlined his plans to keep the office transparent and accountable to prevent it from returning to a political seat instead of a servant’s seat.

“The recent media revelations showing elected officials using their political positions to enrich themselves is why the secretary of state’s seat must remain a servant’s seat and not a steppingstone for people’s political resumes or ambitions,” said Moore, who also serves as Chicago’s 17th Ward alderman.

Moore’s Plan to Reform Secretary of State

As secretary of state, candidate Moore announced his plans to implement a comprehensive approach for rooting out waste, fraud and corruption as well as promote transparency and accountability through the following measures:

Expand the authority of the Inspector General by designating integrity officers in every region of the state to work with audit review committee members in all 20 departments within the secretary of state’s office to ensure the efficiency and integrity of the office.

Redefine the definitions of “person” and “entity” to include spouses and immediate family members in the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act as it relates to ethical standards and disclosure of economic interests for elected officials.

Strengthen the disclosure requirements of the annual statement of financial interest by listing all of the entities for which a spouse acting as a lobbyist or consultant doing business relating to governmental bodies or contracts does work.

Keep the politics and business of the secretary of state’s office separate to ensure workers are evaluated for the quality of their performance and not political donations and/or quotas.

Enforce and/or increase fines for failure to disclose conflicts of interest so that any breach of trust is taken seriously.

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Protect and secure customer data from the time it is received, processed, stored, disseminated and archived to prevent from being commoditized by state employees.

Simpson said he’s endorsing Moore because of his proposal to improve the Statement of Economic Interest that hasn’t changed since the one he signed in 1971.

“David has an excellent record in the Chicago City Council, which I monitor closely. In addition, he has an important platform the people of Illinois need to know. I look forward to a secretary of state who is above reproach, who’s able to give leadership and is able to help cure the problems of corruption in the state of Illinois,” said Simpson, who is a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Congressman Davis said he applauds the job Secretary of State Jesse White has done with the office. He said there would never be another Jesse White, but that Moore is the person who can fill his shoes in a different way.

“If you really want a good, solid public official who will work for you day in and day out, then David Moore is your candidate. He’s mine and I’m pleased to support him,” said Davis while urging voters to take a closer look at Moore.

The South Side alderman said it is unfortunate that many voters believe Illinois government is corrupt, which perpetuates public distrust in elected officials. He emphasized officeholders have to be transparent about their economic interest and anything less is unacceptable.

“My proposals are a down payment on the ongoing work to earn and keep the public’s trust in government,” promised Moore.

David Moore Releases Ethic Reforms and is Endorsed by U.S. Rep. Danny Davis and Former Alderman Dick Simpson

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