Devore Hits the Airwaves with Radio Ad

Devore Hits the Airwaves with Radio Ad
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Devore Hits the Airwaves with Radio Ad (Chicago, IL) – Over the weekend , Tom Devore hit the airwaves with a new radio spot titled Stands With You .The ad highlights Devore’s singular efforts to ensure that the orders coming down on families, first responders and state workers from Illinois’ powerful political class were, in fact, legal and within the bounds of the constitution.

Devore’s record of standing up to the state on behalf of those without political power in Illinois draws a sharp contrast with his opponent, Kwame Raoul, who has refused to challenge any instances of public corruption in nearly 4 years.

Listen to the ad here. 



When Governor Pritkzer and the teacher unions locked your kids out of school, Tom Devore stood up for families.  

When Lori Lightfoot forced unconstitutional vaccine mandates on first responders. Tom Devore stood up for our police officers and firefighters. 

When they shut down restaurants, Tom Devore stood up for small businesses.  

When no one else would stand up, Tom Devore took up the fight – challenging the most powerful people in the state. 

He took on crime and corruption, and defended the constitution. Tom didn’t back down when politicians and the media tried to intimidate him. He took on the political class … and won. 

 Now he’s running to put a check on power in the executive branch and restore balance in Illinois government.

In this election, you have a choice: An Attorney General who sides with the political class or an Attorney General who stands with you. 

On November 8, stand with Tom Devore, the People’s Attorney. 

Vote Tom Devore for Attorney General. 

From Tom Devore’s Campaign Page

In Illinois, the powerful have protected the powerful for far too long. Whether it was former Attorney General Lisa Madigan protecting Mike Madigan and his political machine or Kwame Raoul protecting JB Pritzker, the lack of true checks and balances between the governor’s office and the attorney general’s office has created a system where insiders are untouchable and the people of Illinois get hurt.

Tom DeVore is running for office to be a check on unchecked power and corruption. As a private practice lawyer, his legal arguments were simple – follow the law. As Attorney General,  he will make sure that those in power follow the same laws they pass for the rest of us.

Devore Hits the Airwaves with Radio Ad


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