Radio Show Host Finds Success through Entrepreneurship

Radio Show Host Finds Success through Entrepreneurship


Radio Show Host Finds Success through Entrepreneurship (Chicago, IL) – Not many would leave the stability of a career in banking to pursue entrepreneurship. Darrell Dean has found success with his company, DNA Credit Card Processing, and his radio show ‘The Dean’s List’ through the principles of faith and reinventing himself.

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A graduate of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Dean started his career in the financial industry at Continental Bank. After the conversion to Bank of America, he later transition to LaSalle Bank as a corporate administrator.

While working at LaSalle, a friend of his suggested he consider credit card processing. Dean began working with Ameribanc National after being convinced by the job security, as every business needs a way to accept electronic payments. Credit card processing involves setting up transaction fees for stationary units, point-of-sale systems, phone applications and other forms of payment that utilize cards.


Dean worked his way from sales to management and finally to vice president within his division. Ameribanc’s CEO, Dan Lewis, impressed by Dean’s commitment and sales numbers, helped Dean start his own business, DNA Credit Card Processing in 2013. Since then, he has been working as an entrepreneur with his own sales team.

“It was a scary feeling, but God has blessed,” says Dean.

Though the pandemic presented unique challenges, the company has persevered. One way DNA Credit Card Processing pivoted was through identifying home-based businesses still active within the past two years to utilize their services.

While the financial industry has afforded a path to work for himself and other opportunities, Dean decided to revitalize his passion in the entertainment industry.

Starting at an early age, one of Dean’s influences was his mother, who authored four books and has worked with numerous entertainers. This constant immersion in the industry led to him starting his radio show ‘The Dean’s List’ in 1998. The genesis of the show was surrounding entertainers, such as comedians.

Bringing the Dean’s List Back

Due to the demands of work, ‘The Dean’s List’ went on a hiatus for a while until this year. Filled with passion to revitalize the show, Dean created a new goal. This time, his aim was to help his community through learning and making listeners feel good.

Having built a network of merchants and business owners through his credit card processing company, he began to invite them on his show to share advice and other information. His current show also includes segments about community news, such as the voices of youth and public opinions about current events.

From the corporate realm to fully being an entrepreneur, Dean continues to find success in his endeavors. His advice to up and coming entrepreneurs is rooted in faith and following your dreams.

“When I come on the air, my main thing is to educate, making sure that you understand that life has so many twists and turns, but you have it in you to guide who you are,” says Dean.

Listen to ‘The Dean’s List wednesdays at 6:30pm on 102.3 FM and Rejoice Find out more about DNA Credit Card Processing and the services offered by calling (708)888-1460.

Radio Show Host Finds Success through Entrepreneurship


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