Bradley Hopes Both Dr. Darden and Mayor Bryant of Robbins Can Resolve the Situation

Bradley Hopes Both Dr. Darden and Mayor Bryant of Robbins Can Resolve the Situation


Bradley Hopes Both Dr. Darden and Mayor Bryant of Robbins Can Resolve the Situation (Robbins, IL) – Wallace “Gator” Bradley believes Robbins Village Mayor Darren E. Bryant overstepped in denying a permit to Southland Journal Owner and Publisher Dr. Cornel Darden Jr. But he also believes that the situation can be handled better by both men and that a resolution should be possible. 

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“I think those two men need to sit down and talk things out and have the developer there. If there is something that the developer has done, then there is something that can be straightened out,” said Bradley, who is a community activist.

“It ain’t criminal because no one said that he built something in the foundation and it is awful. Show where the developer is wrong, but if the developer has not done anything wrong, they need to come together for the betterment of Robbins and the betterment of people from Robbins. If they sat down and talked, I am sure everything would be right.”

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According to a Press Release From the Village of Robbins

According to a press release from the Village of Robbins, published in the Southland Journal, on Friday Bryant along with the Robbins Police Chief, David Sheppard, ordered Dr. Darden barred from Robbins Village Hall. The press release said that this came after a very disturbing incident in which Dr. Darden performed a tirade of sorts during an unannounced visit to Robbins Village Hall. The release said Dr. Darden entered Village Hall at 1 pm on January 25th, demanding that the village approve a work permit for a developer with questionable past dealings, to perform work on his home. Robbins employees were present and took notice of Dr. Darden’s abrupt behavior in insisting that this permit be granted to the developer.

The release continues by saying Bryant was aggressively confronted by Dr. Darden who yelled numerous expletives towards the mayor as the mayor was requesting repeatedly for Dr. Darden to leave village hall. 

Bryant Stated

Bryant stated: “Mr. Darden has continued to try and intimidate our government staff and uses his publication to accomplish his personal business ventures. If you don’t conform to his business demands, he immediately writes erroneous articles about you. 

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Dr. Darden stated:  “To think that anyone believes they have the right to deny a Robbinite from moving back home is ridiculous. This is the very reason that we’re having issues with economic development in Robbins and other suburbs in the Southland.”

Bradley views the situation as unclear and believes the village needs to better explain everything to its community members. 

The Village of Robbins Needs to Explain

“From what I am hearing from the residents in Robbins, there was nothing factually said at the meeting on what that developer did. They have not heard of anywhere where the village has taken official action against the developer,” said Bradley. “In my opinion, the business of Robbins has no right to deny Cornel a permit to build a home. If something is not in proper order, I don’t see why it can’t be put in order.”

Bradley hopes that hubris doesn’t get in the way of resolving a simple situation, especially because he has respect for both men. 

“Cornel was in full support of this young mayor being elected,” said Bradley. “Cornel was talking about getting his home built in Robbins, he is a native son of Robbins and wanted to come back to Robbins. A man’s responsibility when he becomes a husband or a father is providing shelter. He only wants to build a home for his family.”

Bradley Hopes Both Dr. Darden and Mayor Bryant of Robbins Can Resolve the Situation

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