16th District Women Leaders Come Together for First Annual Power Brunch

16th District Women Leaders Come Together for First Annual Power Brunch
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16th District Women Leaders Come Together for First Annual Power Brunch (Cook COunty, IL) — On Tuesday, March 29th Cook County Commissioner Frank J. Aguilar and 16th District Women’s Commissioner Claudia Ayala organized a brunch to celebrate women leaders throughout Cook County and the 16th District. The event, at Monses Tapas in Berwyn, Illinois, brought 90 individuals to discuss the hard work and community services led by women in the 16th District.

“The 16th District is the heart of Chicagoland suburbs and phenomenally diverse, and this celebration acknowledges not only our Unsung Heroine but all the women making rooms and space for us to pull up a chair and have a seat at the decision-making tables,” said 16th District Women’s Commissioner Claudia Ayala.

In attendance was Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle, the 16th District Peggy A. Montes Unsung Heroine award winner Jamie Kucera, Mexican artist Esperanza Gama, Broadview Mayor Katrina Thompson, alderwomen and trustees and other government officials, and local community organization leaders throughout the townships of the 16th District.  This event was a moment to focus solely on the work these women do in our communities, highlighting the critical services they provide to our residents, and giving the opportunity to expand their networks so that they can not only continue to be leaders in their community, but also the entire district.

“We are pleased to recognize and acknowledge this year’s Unsung Heroine and nominees from the 16th District of Cook County,” said President Preckwinkle. “Their strength, resilience, and sacrifice to better their communities inspire us all. Cook County is a better place because of their work, and we are proud to call them residents in the County we all call home.”

Celebrating the diversity that is one of the 16th Districts greatest strength has been a joy for Commissioner Aguilar, and he has made a point to work closely with 16th District Women’s Commissioner Claudia Ayala to ensure that all women leaders in the district have their time to speak about their work, the importance of what they do, and the everyday impact it makes in the communities they serve.  These women leaders were from townships and villages in every part of our district, allowing for them to communicate about what has worked and how they can help lead the way to continue improving our resident’s lives.

“So many of our community leaders in the 16th District are women, and it is important to make sure they are given equal chances to engage our residents and make an impact in our communities,” said Cook County Commissioner Frank J. Aguilar.  “From every corner in our district there are women, whether they are mayors, trustees, alderpersons or hard-working everyday citizens, who work tirelessly to help make this district as great as it is.  I want to thank Claudia Ayala, President Preckwinkle, the Unsung Heroine nominees, and all of the organizers and attendees for coming together for a great event to promote and highlight the incredible work of 16th District women.”

16th District Women Leaders Come Together for First Annual Power Brunch


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  1. Thank you for covering this event! It really is powerful to see the image of this day and read the words capturing it by another woman of color. We are turning our own destinies and identities and I’m all here for it to support it. Sisterhood is the base!