Whistleblower Doctor at Ingalls Hospital in Harvey Says Hospital is in Shambles

Whistleblower Doctor at Ingalls Hospital in Harvey Says Hospital is in Shambles
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Whistleblower Doctor at Ingalls Hospital in Harvey Says Hospital is in Shambles (Harvey, IL) — Speaking under the condition of anonymity, a doctor with a longstanding relationship with the University of Chicago Hospital – Ingalls in Harvey is blowing the whistle on the management of the hospital, calling the services there “atrocious.” The doctor says that since the University of Chicago has taken the hospital over, patients are having procedures canceled with little notice, emergency room waiting times are through the roof, and the day-to-day management of the hospital is disorganized and lackadaisical with patient care.

The doctor, who has had privileges at Ingalls for nearly 30 years, said that, “With the way they are running this hospital, it seems like they are purposefully running it into the ground. It’s like they want to shut the doors. I have never, in my career, seen a hospital that is so poorly run.” He says that the problems began when the University of Chicago bought the hospital.

The south suburbs of Chicago have been lacking options for quality medical care. The closure of Metro South Hospital in Blue Island and St. James Hospital in Chicago Heights have left those in southern Cook County with limited options for care, especially with the limitations placed on medicaid patients.

“As a doctor who serves all patients, regardless of insurance, I am forced to use Ingalls in some cases. The way in which they handle the scheduling is absolutely horrendous. I am constantly receiving calls from patients who are having their life-saving procedures canceled with little notice. People are being sent to the emergency room for routine blood work. The staff consistently lie about receiving scheduling requests. It’s a headache for myself, my staff, and most importantly, it’s a disservice to my patients.”

The doctor has many elderly and indigent patients who lack the ability to drive themselves to appointments. More often than not, these individuals, who live in the Harvey-area, are being sent to Hyde Park by hospital staff for their procedures without regard and with little notice.

“Something needs to be done about this,” he said. “The people of the south suburbs deserve better.”

Whistleblower Doctor at Ingalls Hospital in Harvey Says Hospital is in Shambles


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  1. I got pictures of my wife room where she was in ingall the room was a mess I had to go there and bath my wife because nurses aid didn’t get around to her till 12 noon that hospital is a mess

  2. This is 100% true. As a former employee (within the past year) of Ingalls, I agree with everything this physician said. UCM has taken the reins and is steering the entire hospital right into the ground, including all the family care centers and the surgery center in Tinley Park. UCM is extremely top-heavy – there is a manager for everything, directors for them, etc etc etc. Layers upon layers of bosses. Most of these “leaders” work from home and have very little to do or answer for. My “director” was a complete joke who knew next to nothing about our department and hired an even less competent “manager” with zero hands on nursing experience. It is almost as if they’re trying to fail. Sad. It used to be a really nice little hospital. Healthcare is a mess nowadays thanks to managed care, but this is ridiculous.

  3. Yes this hospital is a disgrace. The rooms are nasty and you can ring for assistant and no response or a lying wait first someome to come. The emergency room smells so bad , overcrowding in there. Don’t get me wrong their are some good worker. But their is a lot of wrong going on…….

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with Nancy Nightingale. I experienced it personally when U of C took over. I worked in surgical services who hired a director who was Toxic to staff and tore it all apart. She hired her cronies who were useless and did nothing but collect a paycheck.