Video: Mayor Tiffany Henyard Investigates in Episode One of ‘Truth Speaks’ Podcast

Video: Mayor Tiffany Henyard Investigates in Episode One of - Truth Speaks Podcast
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Video: Mayor Tiffany Henyard Investigates in Episode One of  ‘Truth Speaks’ Podcast (Dolton, IL) — Mayor Tiffany Henyard has been in the news often and has gained a national audience. The Southland Journal has published several articles on Dolton and self-proclaimed Super Mayor Tiffany Henyard. Henyard, on Truth Speaks, mentions that “Super” refers to her title as Supervisor of Thornton Township. She’s also the Mayor of Dolton, thus, the title “Super Mayor” was born.

In Episode One, Mayor Tiffany investigates several businesses operating in Dolton. She starts with media coverage from several Chicago broadcast news stations. The news video shows a business owned by a gentleman who claims that Tiffany broke laws to hurt his business. Super Mayor Tiffany Henyard attempts to debunk this by showing video evidence of the business owner operating an alleged illegal night club on the premises which is located in Dolton, Illinois.

Mayor Tiffany goes on the discuss several other businesses displaying official Dolton government records such as police reports, inspection reports, etc. She also speaks of fights, shootings, etc. that she says occurred at the businesses.

Super Mayor Tiffany Henyard

Elected in February 2021 with 82% of the vote, the 8-year former village trustee Tiffany A. Henyard became the Village of Dolton’s first and youngest woman mayor in the village’s 130-year history.

As a life-long resident of Dolton, Mayor Henyard is passionate about Dolton and continues to live in the community where she grew up. She graduated with high honors, from Thornridge High School, and earned a Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Business Administration with the highest honors, summa cum laude, from Robert Morris University.

According to Henyard

“Get ready for the most entertaining political podcast ever! Tiffany Henyard On Tha Move Podcast is filled with humor, facts and most importantly The TEA! Get your weekly dose of excitement straight from SuperMayor Tiffany A. Henyard ‘The People’s Mayor'”


Video: Mayor Tiffany Henyard Investigates in Episode One of – Truth Speaks Podcast

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