Injunction Filed Today By Parents of Black Teen Slain By Dolton Cops

Injunction Filed Today By Parents of Black Teen Slain By Dolton Cops


Injunction Filed Today By Parents of Black Teen Slain By Dolton Cops (Cook County, IL) Parents file for injunction to force Dolton to respond to FOIA requests seeking answers in police shooting of their Black teenage daughter.
A suit for injunctive relief was filed this morning in Cook County, Illinois by Cara and Alonzo Wilson seeking to force the Village of Dolton to respond to outstanding Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.
“On January 27, 2022, we made several FOIA related requests to Dolton, as we continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding Alexis’ killing,” said Wilson family attorney, Rahsaan Gordon.  “Dolton continues to flagrantly ignore the Wilson family’s requests, while choosing to willfully violate Illinois law,” Gordon said.

Injunction Filed Because Dolton Covering Up Truth, Attorney Says

“From the very day Alexis was shot and killed by Dolton police officers, up until until today, Dolton officials have repeatedly mislead the public about the truth surrounding her killing.  They’ve given misinformation and have released an edited video, all in an effort to support a false narrative.  Doubling down, they now refuse to respond to lawful requests made by her parents, who desperately seek more information about her killing,” Gordon added.
“This is a continuous effort by Dolton officials to cover up the truth and protect their police officers from accountability for their role in killing Alexis Wilson,” Gordon said.
“If Dolton officials didn’t have anything to hide, they would follow the law and turn over the requested information.  Their efforts to conceal the truth only serves to undermine the public trust. ” Gordon said.

Mission Statement of the Dolton Police Department

The Dolton Police Department is fully committed to excellence in law enforcement.  We remain dedicated to all residents, quality of life, and diversity within the Village of Dolton. We are located at 14030 Park Ave Dolton, IL

We provide prompt, professional service that encompasses performance, integrity and compassion.

1) Our highest priority is the protection of all residents of Dolton.

2) We should vigorously pursue criminals, so as to increase the quality of life from all residents of Dolton, along with crime prevention.

3) We recognize that members of the Dolton Police Department are the Departments greatest asset; we fully support the professional development of all Department members.

4) We maintain communication with all of the communities we serve. Community input helps the Dolton Police Department develop policies, priorities and strategies which all us to better serve all of the communities which encompass the Village of Dolton.

Injunction Filed Today By Parents of Black Teen Slain By Dolton Cops

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