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I want to know who you are, it’s Saturday night, obviously you’re of some importance, so tell me about yourself.

“So, I am a consultant, I’m also a real estate broker, which is primarily where my consulting business originated from. In the process of doing real estate, I’m also a business owner myself—well a few…multiple businesses actually—it has made me want to help others with establishing their businesses with proper business practices and management. Just things of that nature that I’ve been sharing for a while now.”

Okay, so how long have you been doing this; real estate and consulting?…

I’ve been in real estate for over 13 years and only been consulting for 2. 

What’s the difference? Which do you like more?

“I like consulting more because I’m able to help more people. A lot of times with real estate people aren’t prepared for the next steps. With consulting, I’m able to help guide them through the process and show them everything they need to be able to achieve their goals. Basically, we sit down, do an assessment based on that family’s individual needs. 

Why real estate?

Because we have such a need for it; it is literally a basic necessity of life: food, shelter, water, clothing, right? You know, housing is such a major thing. I’ve actually had to go through hardships of my own and struggling to find housing. I had lost several housing opportunities because I didn’t have anyone guiding me. This isn’t something we are born knowing. This is something you have to learn in that process. If you don’t have someone guiding you through that process, you can take a significant loss. 

Yea, absolutely. I like how you said with your personal situation, that experience was your teacher, and now you’re using that experience to teach other people, especially in the Southland. Are you originally from here?

“I live in the South Suburbs; in Frankfort. 

Now, I ask everybody I have a conversation with what high school they went to—just to see if we can be friends or not…lol

I went to Tinley Park High School; my mom moved me out to the suburbs my freshman year of high school.”

Prairie State College

Okay ,alright, I’m a Southland kid, too—I graduated from Richards in Oak Lawn; I went to Rich Central for my freshman year. Tinley Park alright, I guess. We ain’t have any “real beef”.

“Nah, we ain’t have any real beef…lol

Okay, I can keep going then…lol

Seeing as though we’re talking about childhood, did you ever think you’d go into business?

“Yes! I remember in 7th grade I took a career path test to see what I’d excel at; I excelled at everyone of them! LOL! From science and math, to English and reading, I’m just a nerd. There are so many things that interest me. It was never just one thing that caught my focus. I feel I’m very teachable, and I enjoy learning that allows me to share what I learned with others because I wouldn’t have the information if I didn’t get it from others”

Well, we’ve talked a little of your past and people always ask the question  “where do you see yourself 5 years into the future”, but I want to know that if you have to look at yourself in the present, are you where and who you want to be?

“I’m really close.”

Is it like a good, scary thing…to be this close?

It’s like a great thing because at times I could be like “Holy ****” what am I getting into right now? What is this that just manifested in front of me? It’s like I thought it. I remember writing these things down on paper years ago, and now I’m seeing them come to life. Now, it’s time to do more and dream bigger.”

That’s my next and last question; now what? What’s next for you? 

“It’s helping others. It is  being so financially stable and in the position to genuinely help others. I’ve always been taught that you give back. I grew up going to church with my grandparents every Sunday and they always gave back. They would cut the grass or clean the church. Of course, somebody else could have done it, but it wasn’t about that. It was about what we could give back. 

So, if you ask me where I’d be in the next 5 years, it would be building affordable housing. There’s a strong need for economic development. There’s a strong need for tax reduction that has put a burden on homeowners in the surrounding Southland communities. We’re working on development projects now and reaching out to get funding for the surrounding communities in the Southland.”

Profile of Krystyna Vela

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