Pro Union Republican Tom McCullagh Seeks to Replace Retiring Mark Batinick

Pro Union Republican Tom McCullagh Seeks to Replace Retiring Mark Batinick

Pro Union Republican Tom McCullagh Seeks to Replace Retiring Mark Batinick (Shorewood, IL) –  Tom McCullagh continues to offer voters a dependable choice when it comes to representation. “An elected representative must first listen to the concerns in their constituency. Our current overall representation does not reflect that as a priority. I stand strongly with law enforcement. Our families deserve to be heard, and they deserve to be kept safe.”

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“I want to thank Mark Batinick for his almost 8 years as a state rep providing great conservative leadership in the Greater Plainfield area. When looking at places to live, the Plainfield / Shorewood area stood out because Mark Batinick was the state rep. After hearing of his intent to not run again, I decided to run to fill the seat in the ‘22 cycle. I know I have a lot to live up to, but I intend to represent the people of the 97th district to the best of my ability.”

Tom McCullagh is a pro-family candidate. He intends to continue to advocate for public safety, pension protections and reform, as well as establishing trade schools. He is an advocate for parental rights, especially parental notice, and the involvement with their children’s education. McCullagh stands firmly with the removal of CRT and the inappropriate sex education from children’s curriculum.

McCullagh believes in financial stability. The tax and fee structure in Illinois is causing a mass outflow of residents to states with better tax rates. If we are to have hope of fiscal survival in Illinois, we must reduce personal and corporate tax rates to allow for personal and corporate growth. Without this, many families will not have a sustainable future in Illinois.

Tom Mccullagh’s Career

As a local small business owner, McCullagh invests heavily in the community. He is on the executive board of K9s for Veterans, Forgotten Warriors Memorial and is a member of The Lions Club. Tom focuses on suicide prevention, sexual trauma, and PTSD treatments for veterans and police officers.

Tom spent the majority of his life in the restaurant industry starting as a cook for his family restaurant, and quickly becoming a shift leader, manager, general manager then owner. After selling out of his family business Tom move into a franchisee role and selling his interests for a profit, moved into multi unit management, regional management, and corporate compliance managing budgets in excess of 80 million dollars annually. Tom started his own business in early 2015 and became quickly successful in the home repair and general contracting field where he operates his business across multiple states.

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When Tom is elected to the Illinois State Legislature, he will work for tax and fee relief, restoring fiscal sanity to Illinois, restoring and protecting freedoms such as the Second Amendment, and sifting out corruption. Tom McCullagh stands with families, businesses and the state of Illinois.

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Pro Union Republican Tom McCullagh Seeks to Replace Retiring Mark Batinick

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