Bennett: ‘I ask Gov. Pritzker to help our small businesses now’



Bennett: ‘I ask Gov. Pritzker to help our small businesses now’ (Springfield, IL) – Veteran state Rep. Tom Bennett (R-Watseka) is pushing the governor to help small businesses that are still struggling across the state.

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“I rise today to speak up for the very many small businesses in my district and around this state who are continuing to struggle even as government restrictions are being lifted,” Bennett said from the House floor. “Small businesses have been through so much in the past 15 months and now that they are at long last free to fully open their doors and get back to work, they are facing another government-created challenge.”

Bennett argues it’s yet another crisis he’s convinced doesn’t have to reach the depths he fears it will if Springfield would only do the right thing.

“Because in Illinois we’re not committed to a plan regarding IDES and unemployment payments (that) businesses across the state continue to face staffing shortages and uncertainty,” he said. “I’ve seen several signs saying ‘job openings, please apply within’ and some even offer extra incentives at times. Many have come to me and said we can’t go on like this.  Some businesses have closed down one day a week, and some have shortened their daily hours.”

Bennett said he looks around and sees other states starting to get their economies back on track and wonders why that can’t be Illinois.

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“Illinois should follow their example,” he added. “I would urge the governor to take action and join those states that are getting back to work. I ask Gov. Pritzker to help our small businesses now by giving them a plan and a timeline and helping them truly begin their recovery from the shutdown by helping address these serious staffing shortages now.”

Even before the pandemic reached the heights of its financial impact on the state, Illinois ranked near the bottom, just ahead of New York and California, in a Chief Executive website study ranking the best and worst states for business.

The report is based on surveys and interviews with chief executives across the country. Illinois has perennially ranked near the bottom.

Bennett: ‘I ask Gov. Pritzker to help our small businesses now’

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