Pritzker Meets with Chicago Mayor-Elect Johnson

Pritzker Meets with Chicago Mayor-Elect Johnson
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Pritzker Meets with Chicago Mayor-Elect Johnson  (Chicago, IL) (via The Center Square) — On Friday, Gov. J.B. Pritzker met with Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson. The two discussed future plans and the overall state of politics in Illinois.

Johnson, a former public school teacher and Cook County Commissioner, defeated Paul Vallas to become Chicago’s 57th mayor and replacing Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Pritzker said he discussed with Johnson future plans for the city and the state.

“Growing the economy of the city because that helps grow the economy of the state of Illinois,” Pritzker said. “Job creation, entrepreneurship, small businesses and making sure what we are creating an avenue for success for everybody.”

This was the first of what is expected to be many meetings between the two. Johnson said he looks forward to working with Pritzker and said the two have a lot in common.

“As the governor indicated, the level of compassion, as well as collaboration in the ability to demonstrate competence, these are all dynamics that we share,” Johnson said. “The city of Chicago, of course, is an amazing place to raise a family.”

The pair were asked about potential tax increases coming from the Johnson administration. Pritzker said the group did not discuss that specifically, but Johnson said they did discuss his budget.

“We also recognize that the governor and I are committed to making investments in communities that need it,” Johnson said. “We did not have a full conversation about the entire budget plan and I am very much committed to working with the General Assembly and the office of the Governor.”

Johnson called his campaign a multicultural movement throughout the election cycle and focused on issues such as crime and education, despite promoting defunding the police a few years ago sparking differences with the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police.

Pritzker Meets with Chicago Mayor-Elect Johnson


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