Mayor Mary Basta Declares Clear Vision For Bolingbrook

Mayor Mary Basta Declares Clear Vision For Bolingbrook
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Mayor Mary Basta Declares Clear Vision For Bolingbrook (Bolingbrook, IL) – Bolingbrook Mayor Mary Basta declares that she is the candidate with the clearest vision for what it takes to create a bigger, better, and more beautiful Bolingbrook.

The board selected Basta to be acting mayor after Mayor Emeritus Roger Claar ended his long-term reign just 8 months before his term was due to conclude. Basta took office on August 1, 2020, knowing she had big shoes to fill. Basta was thrust into the mayoral seat in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but according to Basta, “The change in leadership was a smooth transition.”

Basta has since gained traction and hopes to win the people’s vote in the upcoming election. Basta plans to continue to make choices that will take Bolingbrook in a positive direction. “I’m someone who has a proven record of helping the community, working with the community, and growing organizations within the community,” said Basta. 

Basta’s hands-on community involvement, volunteering, and board representation prove her commitment to Bolingbrook. Her passion for the community is what fuels her work in local government.“I am not someone who decided to get involved for political reasons,” said Basta.“I’m someone that felt that you needed to be involved in the community in which you live.”

Basta’s layered level of community involvement helps craft her vision with the ability to see different perspectives. “I’m able to see a clear picture for Bolingbrook,” said Basta.

Basta is a former trustee, has served as Chair of the Bolingbrook Plan Commission, and is founding Vice President of the Bolingbrook STEM Association for youth.

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Basta was involved with the homeowners association, school district, music boosters, and youth sports. “Working with youth sports gave me the ability to understand how the park district facilitates, and what parents want when they’re looking for local sports activities,” said Basta.

In 2020 Basta modernized communications as a part of the response to COVID-19. Basta explained, “We needed to move into the 21st century in general as a village and with village operations. We realize the importance of going digital, both with regards to cost savings as well as value beyond the pandemic.”

Despite the pandemic, Bolingbrook did see business growth in 2020. During the transition from old to new leadership Basta lead the charge to follow through with business development.

The highly anticipated fourth-quarter opening of Hyzon Motors‘ 28,000-square-foot facility will make Bolingbrook a driving force in alternative fuel technology. “Hyzon is creating a source of energy that will allow us to be more green and more clean,” said Basta.

Under Basta’s leadership, five new restaurants and an apartment complex are already confirmed to open in 2021. Basta said she looks forward April 6, 2021, Consolidated Election and is eager to keep fostering growth in Bolingbrook, “We continue to grow and develop, and we are not stopping.” 

Mayor Mary Basta Declares Clear Vision For Bolingbrook


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