Kenneth Henderson Fights for Peace and Resources in Harvey Illinois as a School Board Member

Kenneth Henderson Fights for Peace
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Kenneth Henderson Fights for Peace (Harvey, IL) – It’s easy to say what needs to be done within one’s district, but it’s even more challenging, yet rewarding, to put forth one’s effort to create change within one’s neighborhood. With crime and destitution being prevalent within Harvey, it is harder for Harvey residents to put their trust in an elected government official. Yet every man has a past, and Kenneth Henderson isn’t any different from anyone else.

Kenneth Henderson has experienced various positions in his life that has shaped him into the man that he is today. An individual who desires to implement positive changes
within his municipality, he shows it by displaying genuine love and respect for his fellow citizens of Harvey. In addition, he fights to maintain the rights and safety of his fellow residents of Harvey to the best of his ability.

Who is Kenneth Henderson

“I’m a 38 year-old-married man with four children from Harvey, Illinois,” he affirmed.

“In 2015, I was a community organizer for the city of Harvey. Prior to being a
municipal director, I was an event planner for seniors. Afterward, I ran for the Park
District position in 2017 and won the election. Two years later, I ran for the school board of district #147 in West Harvey, Illinois, and won that vote, too,” he

“But I’m not just a board member of various communal boards. I also contribute to holidays, back-to-school and food giveaways. What inspired me to become an elected government official is the fact that I have the desire to impact young people towards the right path. For instance, seniors are happy to see me because I bring life into the community. I believe that if one does good works for God, then all will fall in place. The residents have been very helpful in donating foods and clothes to the needy, just because they don’t mind helping,” Mr. Henderson stated.

More Work is Needed

However, Mr. Henderson feels that more work needs to be done if progressive outcomes are to disembark, meaning, talk is cheap and that faith without works is dead.

“I want the churches to become more involved in the people and less in politics.
Secondly, hardship is ubiquitous in Harvey. I am sitting on different resourceful boards
because there are some things that the [city of Harvey] does not have that other
municipalities possess such as abundant resources and community involvement, which,
sadly enough, leads to disastrous occurrences that can be avoided if sufficient
resources and support are available. Thirdly, I would like to see our township come
together as a family as far as becoming involved in collective celebrations and other
activities that will bring hope and light into the darkness,” he affirms.

When asked how often he converse with his residents regarding societal issues within
their area, he stated:


“I communicate with everyone in my district all the time. I am not a seclusive person who only correspond with others to get something out of the deal. I’m genuine in all that I do, and it shows. Once, I reached out to fellow board members in our area pertaining to gun violence, the importance of safety in our schools, poverty, and so on, which led to my conjuring up a sensible strategy to ensure the safety of our children and senior generation.

Even though the people loved the plan; they wanted to see things done by witnessing someone taking leadership and moving forward afterwards. Overall, the reactions were good- no bad feelings or anything of that nature.”

Still, as exciting as becoming involved in communal elections or any other activities are concerned, the requirements of accomplishing such amazing accolades takes faith, time, and patience.

Putting in Work

“If people see you put in the work to make a change within the City, then you will have a better opportunity of winning an election because your hard work has influenced others to gravitate towards you and all that you do. In 2017, I ran second place in the election, but eventually, I won the election fair and square by the community,” he replied, then added:

“I received over 600 votes in the park district election and over 800 votes for the school district election, which led to my winning first place in that area,” he said.

“Harvey residents become excited to see others do positive things within the vicinity.
For instance, prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, my friend, Dwyane Tyson and I passed
out bags of food to the less fortunate before and during the holidays. Once, the town
experienced a power outage, which left many people frightened at that moment. I had
residents ride around the streets with emergency lights, so the seniors could see for the
night. It was dark and there were fallen trees everywhere, making it hard to maneuver.
Though it was a frightening moment, we pulled through with faith, prayer, and tenacity
to ensuring the safety of our residents,” he stated.

Not Alone in the Fight, Kenneth Henderson Fights for Peace

Mr. Henderson is not alone in the fight of maintaining peace and support in the city of
Harvey. He has friends that are willing to go above and beyond to stand for more
resources. Children can grow up to become more than victims of poverty and street life he stated.

“I am proud to say that I have friends such as, Vice President of School District #152, Casey Nesbitt. Community trustee, Dwayne Tyson from Dixmoor, Illinois, Harvey library trustee, Monique Williams and lastly, former school board member from Burnham, Illinois, Antwon Russell that are just as eager to lend assistance within the district to the best of our ability as myself, if not, more.”

To reach elect government official, Mr. Kenneth Henderson; you can reach him via
Facebook at Kenneth “Ken Hen” Henderson.

Kenneth Henderson Fights for Peace


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