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Carlene Matthews Champion For Students (Harvey, IL) – Carlene Matthews is a US Army Veteran, holds multiple degrees, and has in-depth experience as an educator, former HEA secretary, and community advocate.

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Beyond her extensive resume and qualifications, Matthews prides herself on being a true servant leader. Matthew said, “I do not serve for the sake of obtaining titles or recognition. I serve to fulfill my purpose by helping children thrive and empowering them to believe in themselves.”

Matthew currently works in district 152 of which she is an alumnus.

Matthew recalls a moment in fifth grade when her grades were failing. Encouragement from family, mentors, and school staff helped her believe in her potential. Matthews leveraged the power of other’s encouragement and began to climb her way to academic success in all subjects. Matthews now recites a quote by Lamont Brown that embodies youth empowerment, “Believe in the belief that I have in you until you are able to believe in yourself.”

Matthews has five children that graduated from Prairie Hills school district 144 and plans to leverage her resources to create collaborations to expand her impact in the district.

As a School Board Member, Matthews plans to maintain the district’s fiscal condition while working to ensure a quality education for students. Matthews understands that schools are among the strongest pillars in the community and is intent on fostering strong relationships between the board, educators, and the community.

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“When we leverage partnerships, we can create programming for the kids,” said Matthews of her plans if elected. Matthew wants to implement violence prevention, conflict resolution, and peer mediation programs starting at the elementary and junior high levels.

For Matthews, social-emotional learning is also a priority, especially during the COVID-19 climate of learning. Matthews looks to expand her capacity and impact through collaborations with the school board members and administration to enforce social-emotional learning.

“Social-emotional learning involves teaching kids about problem-solving, critical thinking, and self-love,” said Matthews. But what’s most important is that we have a heart and our teachers develop a heart and express empathy for our kids.”

Matthews champions all children and wants to see a community where children have the resources and programming needed to reach their full potential.

Carlene Matthews Champion For Students

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