Homer Glen Mayor once again makes false claims

Homer Glen Mayor once again makes false claims
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Homer Glen Mayor once again makes false claims (Homer Glen, IL) – The Mayor claims Balich did not notify anyone except his friends of the Caucus. The law Clearly States the Township Board is responsible to post the notice of the time and place for the Caucus.

The Republican party followed guidelines issued by The Illinois Governor. The Caucus was held indoors on a football field where social Distancing was no problem, and masks were required.

The Mayor of Homer Glen was present.   

(60 ILCS 1/45-10)

…the township board shall cause notices of the caucuses to be published. The notice shall state the time and place where the caucus for each political party will be held.

The Endorsement Meeting of Candidates and the Caucus Rules was voted on by Committeemen, prior to the Caucus. Listed were candidates that expressed their desire to run for office. Each of the candidates that were endorsed received over 70% of the vote. At the Caucus the rules and nominations could be changed by majority vote of those present.

The question to adopt the rules voted on by the committeemen was put forth. All present voted yes. There were zero “no votes” or “abstain votes”. So, the Mayor voted for the rules. Next the vote for nomination of the Slate that was endorsed by the committeemen received unanimous vote. There were zero votes, to “abstain” or “no votes”. So, the Mayor voted for the Nominations.

One of The Village Trustees came to the caucus but was told he had to leave because he voted Democrat in the last primary.

The Mayor voted yes to the rules and to the nominations.

(60 ILCS 1/45-50)
    Sec. 45-50. Caucus procedures.
    (a) The rules of procedure for conducting a township or multi-township caucus must be approved and may be amended by a majority vote of the qualified participants attending the caucus. No participant shall be able to participate or vote at any township or multi-township caucus if the person is or was at anytime during the 12 months before the caucus any of the following:
        (1) An elected or appointed public official of
     another established political party.
        (2) An elected or appointed officer, director,
     precinct committeeman or representative of the township committeeman of another established political party.
        (3) A judge of election under Article 13 or 14 of the
     Election Code for another statewide established political party.
        (4) A voter who voted in the primary election of
another statewide established political party different from the party holding the caucus.    
Homer Glen Mayor once again makes false claims

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