Henyard to give away gas in Dolton once again

Henyard to give away gas in Dolton once again


Henyard to give away gas in Dolton once again (Dolton, IL) – According to a press release sent to The Southland Journal, Mayor Tiffany Henyard is giving away gas in Dolton once again. This is the third such gas giveaway in the last year. Once again, the giveaway will take place at the Food 4 Less gas station located at 1000 E. Sibley Blvd. in Dolton. The event will run from 12 PM – 2 PM.

A spokesperson for the Village of Dolton said that the gas giveaway is being sponsored by Mayor Henyard and her donors, not the village, although recipients will be required to show a Dolton ID to qualify for the giveaway. The spokesperson confirmed that the Food 4 Less is not providing any incentives to Mayor Henyard, and that this particular gas station was chosen due to it’s location.

It was also stated that Henyard has advocated for several new initiatives:

  • Brought back the annual 4th of July fireworks show after nearly 10 years;
  • Coordinated foot patrols with the Dolton Police Department to help minimize violence;
  • Organized a stop the violence march on June 26th; and
  • Worked with ComED to replace the street lights with LED lights throughout Dolton.

Henyard toed the line on the legality of her last two gas giveaways. CBS2 Chicago and The Southland Journal previously reported that the gas giveaways appeared as though they were a part of a vote-buying scheme. It should also be noted that a review of reports filed with the Illinois Board of Elections show that her November 2020 gas giveaway was funded by her candidate committee, Friends of Tiffany Henyard. The January 2021 giveaway does not appear on the committee’s expenditure reports, meaning it was likely paid for out of Henyard’s personal funds.

The Southland Journal also reached out to Trustee Jason House for comment. House stated that although he was aware of the gas giveaway, he was not aware that Henyard had apparently hired a new village media representative. He referenced an October 4 board meeting where Henyard was censured and stripped of many of her spending capabilities. “We feel that hiring [this company] to represent us was improper,” said House. “She no longer has the ability to unilaterally hire, fire, or enter into contractual agreements without board consent.” He also said that Henyard cannot approve any expenditure of over $1,500.

Henyard to give away gas in Dolton once again


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