Dolton 149 Board Hail Student Math, Reading Growth

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Dolton 149 Board Hail Student Math, Reading Growth (Dolton, IL) — The south suburban Dolton 149 Board of Education learned last week that student math and reading score growth has exceeded mid-year expectations.

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At its monthly meeting on February 23, the board was informed that Dolton 149 K to 8 students achieved overall reading and math growth of 2% and 3%, respectively, on the national Measures of Academic Progress Test (MAP) at midpoint in the school year, reaching beyond the district’s planned 1.5% growth. For average and above average students, the reading growth was 5% and math, 10%.

“Every school and every student have accomplished reading and math growth, and nearly every school and nearly every student are meeting or exceeding planned academic growth,” said Dolton 149 Board President Wilbur Tillman. “That’s phenomenal. This is what student success looks like when the school board, the administration, the teachers, and parents are united behind improving student academic performance in the basics, like reading and math.”

Tillman praises district Superintendent Dr. Maureen White

“As we consider how we move forward as a district, I would be remiss if I did not thank Dr. White and her team for the work that they have done and for keeping our education priorities on track,” said Tillman. “Thank you, Dr. White, and the administrators, and the principals who have been working so diligently.”

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Goal since 2015 has been to “build phenomenal education system,”

“As I have said since joining the board in 2015, one of my goals has been to build a phenomenal system of education so good teachers become great enabling their talent to matriculate down to our young scholars so they could become great as well,” said Tillman. “It looks like we are on our way to that.”

Year-end goal is 2.5% growth

“While we exceeded our mid-year reading and math growth of 1.5%, our full-year growth target is 2.5%, which is a heavy lift,” said Dr. White. “But we have the wind at our back in order to achieve our end-of-year growth goal and the commitment of the board of education, administrators, teachers, and parents to make it happen.”

Dolton 149 Board Hail Student Math, Reading Growth

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