Cruz Congratulates Breyer and Asks for Quality Replacement

Cruz Congratulates Breyer and Asks for Quality Replacement

Cruz Congratulates Breyer and Asks for Quality Replacement (Oak Lawn, IL) – Rob Cruz, Candidate for Congress (R-6th), congratulated Justice Steven Breyer on the announcement of his retirement after 28 years of distinguished service to the citizens of the United States and wished him well in his golden years.

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“Justice Breyer is an acknowledged scholar of the law and has more than earned our respect and tranquility in his retirement,” said Cruz.

“I do not believe that any elected official should attempt to use this vacancy as a political football, in misguided attempts to change the structure of our high court or our judicial branch of government,” he said. I pray and advise the President and Congress to find a replacement with the clear and unambiguous credentials of Justice Breyer,” he continued.

“Concepts of changing the number and nature of the court to fulfill political wishes are clearly not what our founders intended, and I believe our current system should be allowed to work as it has for nearly two hundred and fifty years,” he declared. “The Supreme Court needs balance and wisdom to serve all the people, not political ideology,” he said. “Let the next Justice be appointed based on their education and experience, and let their writings demonstrate balance and respect for our constitution. That’s all I ask,” Cruz implored.

Cruz is a successful small businessman, from Oak Lawn, who is frustrated with the direction and overreach of current elected officials. Rob seeks office only to find better solutions for public safety, education, and support of small businesses.

Rob Cruz

Rob Cruz’s mission is simple: Put our children, communities and state first over the blinding, cynical politics that pits neighbor against neighbor in an endless, downward spiral of hate. Rob Cruz looked death in the face while fighting cancer for four years of his life. Cruz saw firsthand how low a person can go. But he’s here to tell you that tomorrow will always be better. Tomorrow, we can win the day. Tomorrow, we can reconcile our differences while bettering our community. And tomorrow, we can move forward together.

Cruz Congratulates Breyer and Asks for Quality Replacement

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