Chicago Activist Harold “Noonie” Ward Stands With Ye (Kanye West)

Chicago Activist Harold "Noonie" Ward Stands With Ye (Kanye West)


Chicago Activist Harold “Noonie” Ward Stands With Ye (Kanye West) (Chicago, IL) — Local non violence activists took a stand for musical artist, businessman, and designer Kanye West today. The Chicago native rapper has been taking hits instead of making hits in recent days after remarks he made that were deemed to be “antisemetic.”

Chicago nonviolence activists Harold “Noonie” Ward and Paul McKinley took to the downtown Chicago streets today to take a stand against those persecuting Kanye West. Perched in front of the Foot Locker store located at 26-28 S. State Street, the activists said that the media and large corporations are being unfair to Kanye, who has a history of philanthropy within the community.

“This is a first amendment issue,” said McKinley. “Please take note that we [the Black community] are not antisemetic. This is not about that. This is about a man who exercised his first amendment right and is being persecuted unfairly because of it. He is being treated as such because he is a successful Black man. This is like Jim Crow. They say he can’t sell his shoes, they have frozen his assets. It’s just wrong.”

Ward Agrees

Ward agreed, saying, “I am not necessarily standing up for what he said. Most times, I disagree with most of what anyone says. But I do think it is being misconstrued and used against him. He is such a positive force here. Instead, the media is using what he said to tear him apart when he has done so much to uplift.” He continued, “Every day out here, we have kids being killed. We have drugs all in the streets. They’re not talking about that, though.”

Last year, Kanye West donated 4,000 toys to an Englewood toy drive. He has paid the college tuition for George Floyd’s daughter and has donated to Common Ground FoundationDoctors Without BordersDr. Donda West FoundationFood Bank For New York CityGRAMMY FoundationHabitat For HumanityRed Cross, Save the Children, and more.

Chicago Activist Harold “Noonie” Ward Stands With Ye (Kanye West)


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