Changing the Game: Local Firearms Dealer Offers Free Training

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Changing the Game: Local Firearms Dealer Offers Free Training (New Lenox, IL) — Kee Firearms in New Lenox, IL has been working to keep us safe. Since opening in 2019, Kee Firearms has quickly become the most well-stocked firearms dealer in the Midwest. With an inventory boasting everything from pistols, rifles, shotguns, ammunition, safes, cleaning kits, holsters, and more, Kee Firearms has a continually growing customer base that frequents the store for all their personal safety needs.

Free Training

Changing the Game: Local Firearms Dealer Offers Free Training
Jeff instructs a student during the live firing portion of the course.

Owner Jeff Reginer decided last year that his store would offer free CCL and other gun safety training courses to the public. He said that he made the decision after seeing that there is a lack of knowledge about firearms. “What we’ve seen, particularly since COVID, there’s a lot of people out of work, there’s a lot of people on a fixed income, that couldn’t afford to take training classes,” said Regnier. “We decided to do free CCL classes because it gives you all the requirements…the basic gun information. How to hold it, stance, shoot it, sight it in. Give you the laws of Illinois. And it also gives you live fire with the instructor.”

Regnier also wants to ensure that his customers are comfortable when visiting. “We want a store where people come in and feel comfortable,” said Regnier. “A lot of times, people are intimidated or feel dismissed when going to a gun store with questions. We don’t want our clients to feel that way. We want to help them understand firearms and get their questions and concerns addressed.”

In Illinois, a Concealed Carry License (CCL) is required to concealed carry a firearm. Among meeting other basic requirements, a 16-hour firearms training course conducted by a state-approved instructor is required for all new concealed carry license applications. Reginer said that his team has taught around 8,000 students with his free CCL class since last June. His June 2022 class had 106 students in it.

At Kee Firearms, a student can come expecting to fulfill the state’s 16 hour course requirement for CCL licensing. The course, which has skyrocketed in popularity, offers basic gun knowledge, safety information, insurance information, and live firing with instructors. The live shooting is currently off-site at a shooting range, but Regnier has a mobile range on the way. “The class is totally free. There are no gimmicks,” said Jeff. “There is currently a small fee for the live firing portion of the class, $30, which covers gun rental, ammunition, and a certified target. Soon, that won’t even be a thing because we have a mobile range that we ordered.” Courses are currently offered in two and three-day packages.

Supreme Court Ruling

The nation’s gun laws have come under scrutiny in the last week. On Thursday, the US Supreme Court ruledthat Americans have a broad right to arm themselves in public, striking down a New York law that placed strict limits on carrying guns outside the home without displaying a special need for self-defense.

Regnier applauded the ruling, and said that particularly here in Illinois, he feels that the gun laws are a little too strict. “It doesn’t seem like they (Illinois gun laws) control guns or crime in general. It seems like its just a burden on law abiding citizens…Chicago is a shooting arena right now…they’re (criminals) are not getting those guns legally,” he said.

Running for Office

Regnier is currently running for US Congress for the 1st district which is currently held by longtime democratic congressman Bobby Rush, who announced that he would not be seeking reelection. Regnier is in the race for the republican primary, which is to be held on Tuesday. If he wins, he will face off with the democratic primary winner in November.

Those interested in learning more about Kee Firearms are encouraged to visit their website at Classes can also be registered for through the website. You can also learn more about Jeff Regnier’s candidacy by visiting

Changing the Game: Local Firearms Dealer Offers Free Training


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