Assessor Kaegi Reacts to the Madigan Indictment

Assessor Kaegi reacts to Madigan indictment
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Assessor Kaegi reacts to Madigan indictment (Cook County, IL)— “Today’s news has been a long time coming. Even out of office, Michael Madigan still holds sway over parts of the political power structure of Illinois and the money that swirls around it.

“I ran for Assessor as a progressive Democrat because I was tired of the corruption and favoritism of the Madigan political power structure, which this indictment says extended to his work in a law firm that specializes in property tax appeals. I believed there was a better way, and I’m delivering on that promise.

“This indictment outlines a pattern of behavior that extends beyond just one man. It should signal to those who continue to practice Madigan’s brand of politics that it is time for them to leave the stage.

“The personal and professional ties of too many politicians have created a corrupt morass that our state has not fully escaped from, even today. Middle-class families continue to suffer because of it. It’s long past time to turn the page on Illinois’ corrupt past once and for all.

“For our party to truly be the Democratic Party, we must not only say we are on the side of middle-class people, but also take the actions to prove it. We must be dedicated to rooting out corruption wherever it remains. We must break away from the power and money that supported the type of politics that Madigan symbolizes and many others still practice.

“If this indictment means corrupt practices that benefit the few at the expense of the many will be left in the past, then this will be a day worth celebrating.”

About Asseor Fritz Kaegi

Fritz Kaegi is the Cook County Assessor.

Prior to beginning his career in Cook County government, Fritz spent more than 20 years valuing assets as a mutual fund portfolio manager and analyst. In his 13 years at Columbia Wanger Asset Management, Fritz served as a financial steward, helping average families save for retirement and focusing on small companies operating around the world. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Illinois Assessment Officer designations. He is also a member of the IAAO, the International Association of Assessing Officers.

Since assuming office in 2018, Fritz has brought fairness, ethics and transparency to the Cook County Assessor’s Office with a vision focused on operational changes, technological upgrades, and the elimination of favoritism. These changes have increased predictability in the assessment system and spurred investment in Chicago and Cook County.

Fritz was born and raised in the Hyde Park neighborhood in Chicago and still maintains close ties to the community. He attended Hyde Park’s Kenwood Academy for high school, completed his undergraduate studies at Haverford College, and received his MBA from Stanford University.

In 2020 Fritz received the A. Philip Randolph Change Agent Award from the National A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum and in 2021 the Adlai Stevenson Award for Public Service from the Chicago chapter of the American Society for Public Administration.

Fritz’s wife Rebecca is a teacher; they live in Oak Park, with their three children, where Fritz is a member of First United Methodist Church of Oak Park.


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