White Sox Win Big on the Road against Tigers


White Sox Win Big on the Road against Tigers (Detroit, MI) – The Chicago White Sox started strong in Detroit, with Brian Goodwill’s RBI double only 3 pitches in. This put an early point on the score board. During the same inning, Yermin Mercedes slipped the ball right past the shortstop to get a 2-run single. White Sox starting pitcher Dylan Cease let Tigers batter Harold Castro get away with a 2-run homer. The Tigers trailed the Sox 3-2 at the bottom of the 1st. Brian Goodwin homered to right field with Danny Medick and Tim Anderson on plates, which extended the Sox lead to 6-2 against the Tigers at the top of the 2nd.  

Sox Continue to Pull Away 

Leury Garcia singled to the right center and brought Adam Eaton and Yasmani Grandal home, giving the Sox an 8-2 lead at the top of the 2nd. Danny Medick doubled to right field on fan interference with Leury Garcia on third at the top of the 5th. Tim Anderson singled with both Mendick and Garcia scoring runs, bringing the score to 10-2. Yermin Mercedes RBI singled to the left for a run, bringing the score to 11-2. The Detroit Tigers swapped pitchers and soon after, Tiger’s relief pitcher Alex Lange threw the ball past the catcher, where Goodwin ran it in for a score of 12-2.  In the same inning, Lange walked Leury Garcia for an RBI that brought the score to 13-2 in the top of the 5th. At the bottom of the 6th, Sox pitcher Ryan Burr took the mound. Zack Collins doubled on a line drive to right field, and Leury Garcia ran it in for a score of 14-2 at the top of the 8th. Brian Goodwin grounded out to the shortstop and got Danny Medick home for a final score of 15-2.  The Chicago Sox won against the Detroit Tigers 15-2.

Up Next  

The Chicago White Sox will play the Detroit Tigers again tomorrow (6/13/21) at 12:10pm central Standard time.

White Sox Win Big on the Road against Tigers


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