Village of Robbins Council Meeting: 11/10/2021

Village of Robbins Council Meeting: 11/10/2021


Village of Robbins Council Meeting: 11/10/2021 (Robbins, IL) — The Village of Robbins called their regular village council meeting to order at 7:07 PM tonight. The meeting kicked off the the clerk reading numerous communications and announcements. The Mayor’s report was light, but he did state that he was going to be meeting with State Representative Bob Rita. He also stated the village is continuing to work on bringing a grocery store to the village. Bryant reported that the CDBG funds allocated toward street resurfacing resulted in an approved bid, however the work will not begin until the spring. Bryant touched on the issue of public safety and said that the village “is not fragmented,” referring to a large police walk-off in early October. He said that the police department is in the process of rebuilding a strong force.

Administrator’s Report

Village Administrator Jasmine Washington provided her report as well. She stated that the finance department is still finding many unpaid bills owed by the village for various services. Many of the bills have been accumulating late fees. fining a lot of bills that have not been paid in some time, accumulating late fees. Washington also stated that some ex-employees of the village still had devices, making the AT & T bill extremely expensive. Her HR report said that the village is hiring, the water report stated that the village just hired 2 new water clerks, and that public works is in need of more vehicles. The village is also working on snow removal services for seniors. Washington concluded that she has been working closely with the Clerk Dyson to ensure the village’s bills are properly organized.

Standing Committee Reports

The meeting continued with the public safety report, introduced by Trustee Robinson who chairs the committee. The fire department provided their statistics and asked that residents get their furnaces checked ahead of winter and that they change the batteries in their smoke/CO2 detectors.

Chief of Police Sheppard also provided a report from the police department. He mentioned the crime that has been plaguing the village and the progress the police department has made in fighting it. The village has installed FLOCK safety cameras, which read license plate numbers and send data to the police station if the vehicle has been involved in a crime.

The water report consisted of Trustee Collier asking that residents continue to pay their water bills while the industrial committee, headed by Trustee Jackson, said that they have been working through what type of industry and company can utilize the existing incinerator building.

Moving the Meeting Along

Clerk Dyson read a proclamation naming the date, November 9, as Robbins Vikings Eagles Day. The Robbins Viking Eagles are a Pop Warner youth football league who won the state title with an undefeated record this year.

The warrant list in the amount of $50,196.89 was approved, but not without some discussion on a few propoery demolitions the village completed. The village also accepted a payment plan contract with a company who is providing 360 degree safety cameras and approved a street closure for the Robbins United Turkey Giveaway.


Citizen’s comments were fairly uneventful, with a resident complaining of a tree from a supposedly village-owned property that is damaging her garage. Another resident asked that the meeting be held via Zoom so residents who are unable to get to the village can still view and participate in the meeting. The mayor agreed and said it would be available at the next meeting.

Full meeting footage as provided by the Village of Robbins can be found here:

Village of Robbins Council Meeting: 11/10/2021


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