Village of Dolton Committee of the Whole: 10/18/21

Village of Dolton Committee of the Whole: 10/18/21


Village of Dolton Committee of the Whole: 10/18/21 (Dolton, IL) — The village of Dolton Board of Trustees made an effort to address concerns they have about getting information from village department heads with a resolution at a Oct. 18 committee of the whole meeting.

The trustees have alleged department heads have been told by Mayor Tiffany Henyard and her administration not to answer their questions, an allegation the mayor has denied.

Trustee Jason House said he brought the resolution to the meeting because “there were a couple of times I’ve made phone calls to department heads and they were instructed the mayor or administration would not allow for that.” The most recent example has been a request for payroll reports, which were requested in emails that were sent to the administration but haven’t been responded to, said House, chair of the village’s finance committee.

“The last payroll I’ve seen was Sept. 1 and we want to make sure we have this information before the next board meeting to be able to vote on it,” House said. “I’m asking we move this forward so that the department heads have the access to speak with the board members to get the information they are looking for.”

Henyard said she never instructed anyone not to share information with the trustees and called on Cristiano Mirobali, of the finance department, to shed more light on the issue. Mirobali said last time he spoke with the mayor, she noted that the board should go to her for information about payroll reports, changes, in hires and salaries.

That isn’t true, Henyard said.

“Why would I need you to give me the payroll reports for the staff?,” she said. “I don’t need that; I got the same information you’re giving to the board. Why would I have to give you the okay to say ‘give them the payroll report?’”

Henyard directed Mirobali to give the trustees any information they ask for and Miroballi said he’d send the payroll reports to the trustees tomorrow.

In other business, the board also agreed to send a host of items to the next regular meeting. Some of the items, which will appear on the Nov. 1 regular meeting agenda, include:

  • A resolution granting the former village hall at 14012 Park Avenue as a historic landmark designation
    • The resolution states the former village hall has “historical significance due the building serving as the seat of government for the village of Dolton around 1958, and has architecture that is ornate and unique and should be preserved for generations to come.”
  • A ordinance authorizing the establishment of a museum for the village of Dolton
    • The ordinance would establish a museum at the old village hall to preserve, collect, interpret and display artistic, cultural and scientifically significant objects for the purpose of public education.
  • Advice and consent of the board to review and approve the need to remove mold at a Dolton fire station at 830 Engle Place
    • The station has been closed for several months due to mold found in the building. The village has taken steps to fix the roof, which caused the water damage and mold that ensued but the final step prior to reopening is mold mitigation and repair work. The department received four different quotes for services based on the work requested in the affected area of the building.
  • Resolution related to strategies for getting past due water bills paid
    • Village Administrator Dororthy Brown proposed an Amnesty program in the month of November that will allow residents and non-residents to pay their water bill balance in full or set up an auto debit payment plan. Brown noted she may work with residents or non-residents to create special payment plans, if special circumstances warrant it. The resolution comes as there are water bills due to the village of Dolton by 5,637 residents and 281 non-residents for a total of 5,918 accounts. That includes $682,393, under 60 days old and $3,912,599 over 60 days old as of Oct. 4.

Village of Dolton Committee of the Whole: 10/18/21


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