The US Extradition Bureau Brings Self-Defense to the Southland

The US Extradition Bureau Brings Self-Defense


The US Extradition Bureau Brings Self-Defense (Olympia Fields, Illinois) – As the world progresses, criminals become smarter. This allows crime to be performed in seconds. Due to this, the ability to react and defend yourself properly is a must. Because of this new reality, John Howard has a mission to bring safety training to the South Suburbs. The US Extradition Bureau assists in locating fugitives as well as providing self defense training. Located in Olympia Fields, Illinois, the facility offers conceal carry, non-lethal weapon, and self-defense training. The agency and its owner is dedicated to training individuals with the hope of keeping the community safe.

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Impressive Credentials

John Howard has been in the self-defense field for close to two decades. “For about 17 years I’ve been involved in fugitive recovery, law enforcement, criminal justice, and investigations to the Fugitive Apprehension Unit,” said Howard. Additionally, Howard trained numerous people in the past with high-status backgrounds. “I’ve trained individuals that were nuclear security personnel, police officers, people that were part of SWAT, a special task force, you name it. I’ve done it. I can’t even remember everything,” Howard said. According to Howard, he has trained and instructed all levels.


Even in Howard’s adolescent years, he had an interest in self-defense. “I started martial arts training as early as before I became a teen,” he said. When explained by Howard, he vocalized that his inspiration for his business stemmed from being a protector. “I guess my nature is to defend or to have people defend themselves. I guess I am a protector by nature,” said Howard.

High Profile Customers

The US Extradition Bureau has trained a multitude of people including those with prestigious titles. “I’ve trained thousands of people. I’ve trained Illinois legislators and their families, some were mayors, local county elected officials, village managers, village trustees, many attorneys, judges, etc,” said the business owner. 

The Harsh Reality

In the present day with the spike of carjackings, the fear of being carjacked has loomed over many in the Chicagoland. In the event of that possibility, the US Extradition Bureau has the safety and defense steps that one would need. “We have a carjacking training course, in which we could pull a vehicle in and go over the procedures to defend yourself with a firearm, a non-lethal gun, or with nothing at all. We go over scenarios. Every possible scenario that we can think of,” said Howard. 

He stresses the importance of attending a self-defense class to ensure being prepared for any scenario. “If something happens or someone approaches you, your heart rate goes up. You’re not going to know what’s happening to your body, to yourself, or know what to do,” he said. 

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Non-Lethal Protection

Though the US Extradition Bureau provides gun licensing programs such as conceal and carry, the owner understands that not everyone is comfortable with weapons of that power. “For people who don’t want to use firearms, we have non-lethal options available to them,” he said. The non-lethal training options offered are the Pepper Ball and Byrna Gun. The pepper ball is described as a projective that not only contains powered pepper but also has a blunt trauma effect as well. Though it is painful, it is not harmful enough to kill. Due to this, it is considered non-lethal. Howard said that, “I’ve been hit with those in training and it stopped me cold.” On the other hand, the Byrna Gun is similar to a pistol though non-lethal. It projects a shotgun slug sized object at a high speed causing whoever is hit to experience kinetic blunt trauma.

Extraditing Services

The Bureau works with law enforcement agencies to bring fugitives into custody. “We operate under the authority of and in accordance with the rules of the United States Supreme Court. We’re like a law enforcement agency that works on fugitives that flee from justice. Say there is someone who committed a home invasion and attempted murder. They were supposed to be in court and weren’t. They flee to Las Vegas, Nevada. The Las Vegas Police Department is able to bring that person into custody. Then information comes up that this person has a warrant in Indiana. We’ll retrieve the information, assign agents to go to Las Vegas, pick up the person, and extradite them to the requesting agency. Agencies performing these duties operate under federal law, which allows us to cross state lines when looking for target subjects. We have the right to locate and apprehend wanted fugitives,” Howard said.

Respectable Employees

Though Howard is the owner of the business, it is not a one man show. He explained the fact that his employees have high creditably due to the extensive training required of them. “I require my agents to do 1,200 hours of training. Everything that they carry on their duty belts, they have to receive training on. They also go through four to six hours of ethics training,” said Howard. His agents are also background checked frequently. “There are several background checks that are done. There are four to five FBI background checks that are run before they can get other credentials to be agents. They are being checked thoroughly, consistently, and constantly,” he said.

Training Classes

The US Extradition Bureau offers many self-defense classes. These classes range from non-lethal training to firearm training. While some classes are only available to ages 18 and up, classes like compliance direction are available to ages 12 and up. Classes start at $275 and have ranging lengths. “Courses can be anywhere from four days to four months, depending on the training that they select and what they are wanting to accomplish,” said Howard.

If interested, the US Extradition Bureau is located at 2601 Lincoln Highway, Olympia Fields, Illinois 60461. They can be reached by phone 24 hours a day at 708-365-9117 or 202-820-0000. The hours of operation are 24 hours as well. Be sure to visit the US Extradition Bureau via its website at

The US Extradition Bureau Brings Self-Defense

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