The New Year Starts with Dry January

The New Year Starts with Dry January
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The New Year Starts with Dry January (Springfield, IL) — Goodbye 2023! Now that the holidays are nearly over and overindulging is behind us, it’s time for a reset. January has been coined, “Dry January”. Dry January is a one-month sobriety challenge where people stop drinking alcohol for 31 days. The idea behind Dry January is to start the new year on a healthy note, detoxify the body, and potentially reassess one’s relationship with alcohol.

“Dry January is an opportunity for individuals to re-evaluate their relationship with alcohol and make better choices,” said Illinois Liquor Control Commission Executive Director Lisa Gardner. “Your body deserves a yearly reset. What better time than the start of a brand-new year?”

Committing to Dry January can lead to positive changes both physically and mentally. For a successful Dry January, individuals should have a strategy and set clear goals for managing cravings, peer pressure, and social situations that involve alcohol. When in a social setting, grab a mocktail for the same taste without the alcohol, or a canned water to blend in with those who are drinking.

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Dry January benefits:

  • Improves Overall Health
  • Saves Money
  • Reset Drinking Habits
  • Improves Sleep
  • Aids in Weight Loss
  • Promotes Self-Discipline
  • Encourages Personal Growth
  • Sets a Positive Tone for the Year

The New Year Starts with Dry January


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