The Historical Role Of Islam That Changed The Life Of The Black American

The Historical Role Of Islam That Changed The Life Of The Black American
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The Historical Role Of Islam That Changed The Life Of The Black American (Chicago, IL) — Author Sunni Ali-Howard in his book “An American Love Story; Islam and the Black Experience,” takes away the reader on an extraordinary journey of Islam and its tremendous impacts on the American black community.

The word “Islam in America” often maneuvers one’s thoughts toward thinking about Muslim immigrants. An inevitable perception arises the second someone talks about such a term. But jumping directly to quick conclusions leads to nonsensical and sometimes incorrect answers. The author Sunni Ali sheds light on the usually neglected yet equally significant part of the American society and how time brought an immense societal change felt by almost every individual around the globe.

The book is a treasure trunk of all the knowledge and facts one must know to understand the true history of the noticeable change that laid the foundation for initiating a strong connection between Islam and the American black people. It was not a mere accident that led people towards the incredible light of the concepts and elements of the beautiful religion Islam embodies in itself. But incessant struggles, gut-wrenching sacrifices, and the unending rage for embracing a religion speak nothing but the truth. It is built on the pillars of pragmatism that adhere to the concepts of living a life aligned with a certain code of conduct, in other words enabling an individual or an entire community to follow a way of life that promises tranquility and motivation to continue walking on the right path.

Exploring the eye-opening historical advancements of Islam from West Africa to modern black Americans, the book highlights the incredible influence on Europe that led to the elimination of the Dark Ages. The founding creators of the Republic, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington’s remarkable intelligence regards to comprehending Islam’s significance in improving the long-awaited betterment in Europe is worth reading.

The book heavily focuses on Islam’s transcendence and advancement in West African Americans. The breeze of change brought a significant revolution that resulted in societal change and a unique spiritual awakening. Furthermore, one can find themselves reading about the interesting interlinkage between Islam and Christianity. And the role Presbyterianism and Evangelism played in persuading the black people to consider giving a chance to a faith different from the one followed by their oppressors. The upheaval of faith was not easy but worth trying.

But it goes beyond that; the author explains the prominent role of Ahmadiyya believers, the Moorish, and details about Prince Hall’s Masons. And the impact of Pan-Africanism in conveying the realities of the Islamic faith to the American people. Moreover, one can also find the impeccable role that great names such as Prince Hall, Marcus Garvey, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, and Noble Drew Ali played in dragging out Islam from the darker times to modern times.

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However, it doesn’t end there; Howard goes all the way back to Timbuktu to explain in an in-depth manner the remarkable journey of this beautiful religion. And the impact it had on bringing in a shockingly awe-inspiring change in the lives of African Americans.

Regardless of the challenges, and the difficult storms, personalities such as Mansa Musa, Malcolm X, and Muhammad Ali never backed down. Instead, these exemplary figures stood courageously staring straight in the eyes of fear to show the world the power of faith. And how it can positively change the world. One can easily find themselves agreeing that faith can turn hearts in the right direction despite the odds lingering around.

The book capsules the magnitude of Islam’s influence in a compelling way that would force the reader to continue reading and learning about what truly happened and how times have drastically changed. The hope that combining unity and usage of intellectual gifts could result in the emancipation of the black nation acted as a strong weapon for the apparent change.

Howard’s book “An American Love Story; Islam and the Black Experience” is an exceptional piece of literature worth everyone’s time. A curious mind and an urge to learn the truth of Islam and its history around the black nation should add this book to their reading list.

The Historical Role Of Islam That Changed The Life Of The Black American


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