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Walmart Presents Inaugural Spark Awards to Highlight Black Excellence

Walmart is recognizing four outstanding African Americans for excellence in their respective fields and contributions to their communities. #walmartsparkawards

Grasso Accuses Pekau of Blatantly Distorting His Own Record to Deceive Voters

Grasso is specifically challenging his opponent, Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau, on deceiving voters about Pekau’s salary and pension as mayor and property taxes in Orland Park. #6thdistrict

Dr. Cornel Darden Jr. Resigns as Chamber President

The event coupled the Juneteenth and Father’s Day holidays with awards given to many local business owners, elected officials, community leaders, and exemplary fathers. #southlandblackchamber

Sullivan Surge Continues with Endorsements, National Attention, Rallies

 “Illinoisans are hurting. With gas prices reaching record highs and inflation through the roof, the people of our state are desperate for a change"

Pat Dowell: Jonathan Jackson’s Backing From Billionaires, Puts “For Sale” on Elected Office

"Jonathan Jackson needs to reject the support of his Congressional campaign..."

State Reps. Adam Niemerg and Blaine Wilhour: IL Green New Deal Already Costing Families

“Illinois families are struggling to afford record high gas prices and as the heat wave intensifies, the prospect of rolling blackouts looks to be an almost certain reality."

Attorney General Raoul Charges Cook County Man For Possessing Fully-automatic Handgun, Drug Trafficking

“Individuals who are involved in trafficking drugs and possessing dangerous and illegal firearms will be held responsible under the law,” Raoul said.

Illinois Shatters Record for Film Revenues with $630 Million in Economic Impact in 2021

"Every production creates a multiplier effect by increasing foot traffic to local stores and restaurants, recruiting local extras and hiring our talented crews, and then by making our incredible Illinois landmarks well known to audiences across the globe."

Gov. Pritzker Announces Eleven Appointments to Boards and Commissions

Boards include the Prisoner Review Board, school boards, and more.

Anjanette Young Endorses Democrat Us Congressional Candidate Pastor Chris Butler

“We must be able to call a well-supported, well-equipped, well-trained police department to help us enforce the laws.” #chrisbutler

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