South Suburban College Launches “College & Career Success Center Enhancements” Campaign

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South Suburban College Launches “College & Career Success Center Enhancements” Campaign (South Holland, IL) — South Suburban College (SSC) is excited to announce the launch of our “College & Career Success Center Enhancements” campaign. This initiative is designed to significantly improve services for our current and prospective students, ensuring a more seamless and comprehensive enrollment experience.

Enhancing Student Support

With a renewed focus on enrollment, retention, and completion, SSC has made strategic investments to support student success. The “College & Career Success Center Enhancements” (CCSC) campaign is a pivotal step in SSC’s commitment to providing exceptional support to students at every stage of their academic and career journeys. The following services will now transition from a nine month to a 12-month service delivery model, ensuring that students receive continuous support throughout their academic journey. The campaign will focus on the following key areas:

  • Streamlined Enrollment Process: Introducing new technologies and resources making enrollment more efficient and user-friendly for prospective students.
  • Career Services Expansion: Enhancing career advising and career preparedness opportunities to better serve the students.
  • Academic Advising Improvements: Strengthening academic advising to offer more personalized guidance and support, helping students to navigate their educational paths effectively and offering additional hours to meet with Academic & Career Advisors.
  • Resource Accessibility: Increasing awareness and access to educational resources, including tutoring, mentoring programs, and workshops that address the needs of a diverse student body.

We invite everyone to join us at these events to learn more about the benefits of these exciting new improvements.

Campaign Event Schedule:

May 29, 2024 – Welcome to the College & Career Success Center (CCSC)
Join us for an open house at the CCSC. This event will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn about the various resources and services available, as well as meet our dedicated Academic & Career Advisors.

June/July – New Student Orientations
Our Academic & Career Advisors will facilitate these orientations to support Fall enrollment, ensuring new students have all the information and guidance they need to succeed at SSC.

September 25, 2024 – Meet and Greet
Students will have the chance to meet their assigned Academic & Career Advisors, gain insights into the services and resources available, and build connections within the SSC community.

“Academic advising is the critical anchor to student success and educational equity. We are extremely excited about the redesign of our Academic & Career Advising model that takes a year-round approach to delivering a holistic and integrated suite of support services designed to better address students’ diverse needs,” stated Dr. Lynette D. Stokes, President of South Suburban College.

The “College & Career Success Center Enhancements” campaign represents SSC’s ongoing commitment to fostering an environment where students can thrive academically and professionally. Our goal is to provide student-centered services and resources by focusing on personalized support and comprehensive advising services. SSC aims to improve student outcomes and help more individuals achieve their educational and career goals.

South Suburban College Launches “College & Career Success Center Enhancements” Campaign


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