Sheriff Dart Announces Anti-Carjacking Initiative

Sheriff Dart Announces Anti-Carjacking Initiative
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Sheriff Dart Announces Anti-Carjacking Initiative (Cook County, IL) — Motorists can now easily access an online tracking consent form that will help police locate and recover carjacked vehicles more quickly, Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart announced today as part of a broader effort to combat these violent crimes.

The effort is intended to increase the number of vehicles that can be quickly tracked in the event of a carjacking, given that rapid access to vehicle tracking is one of the most powerful tools police have to combat this violent crime.

Carjacking continues to plague both the city and the suburbs, and the Sheriff’s Office has repeatedly pressed auto manufacturers to quickly aid law enforcement in tracking victims’ vehicles. As a result, tracking data has become more available to officers in the past few years, contributing to a dramatic increase in the number of vehicles recovered and a sharp reduction in the amount of time needed to recover them. Increased use of vehicle tracking has reduced average recovery time by 85% since 2020.

Most vehicles manufactured since 2015 have tracking capability. Unfortunately, tracking can be delayed until vehicle owners authorize manufacturers to provide tracking information to police.

“I cannot express how important tracking is in these situations, when every minute counts,” said Sheriff Dart. “Quick access to tracking data can be a significant hurdle following a carjacking for a multitude or reasons: Victims can be shaken up, relevant information can be taken with the vehicle, or auto manufactures simply refuse to work with us. Slower access to tracking decreases the likelihood of arrest and increases the probability that these cars will be used in other crimes.”

This new initiative seeks to address that delay by enabling vehicle owners to quickly and conveniently pre-authorize their consent for automakers to co-operate with law enforcement following carjackings. In the event the victim is unable to speak with their vehicle manufacturer, police can provide their signed consent form to the appropriate automaker and quickly initiate tracking of the automobile.

Upon completion of the online consent form, the Sheriff’s Office will automatically mail carjacking-deterrent stickers to the individual’s house free of charge. Motorists are encouraged to display these stickers on both their front and back windows to notify would-be carjackers that their vehicles can be easily traced.

“These stickers serve as a warning to carjackers that this car is not an easy target,” said Sheriff Dart. “We know from our interviews with alleged carjackers that they are less likely to try to take a vehicle that is displaying our stickers.”

Signage has also been posted inside the Jail to let individuals moving through the compound know that we are working hard to track carjacked vehicles and hold carjackers accountable.

Additionally, the Office has launched a social media campaign and produced electronic billboard messages across Cook County to educate the public about this initiative – and so carjackers know that police can find them.

The consent form can be found at:

Sheriff Dart Announces Anti-Carjacking Initiative


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