Self-Proclaimed “Reporter” Spends Black History Month Attacking Black Candidates As Satan; Publishing Wild Conspiracy Theories: Only Things Missing Are The White Sheets –

Bonnie Kurowski
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Self-Proclaimed “Reporter” Spends Black History Month Attacking Black Candidates As Satan; Publishing Wild Conspiracy Theories: Only Things Missing Are The White Sheets (Clermont, FL) – Bonnie Kurowski, a Florida resident, and self-proclaimed “hard-hitting” “reporter” who has opened up numerous new websites in the past 6 weeks, all pointing to each other as “verification” of authenticity, appears to be acting out some sick, twisted, idea that certain candidates are not worthy of running for office.

She deals in wild, crazy conspiracy theories about election fraud when none of it is true.

She started off this new year by saying that “POC” (People Of Color) are “heavily relying on POC votes,” that they are “hoping people vote for you on your color alone” and that they “hide their political affiliation because they are hoping to skate in the office on their color” as if they have no other redeeming qualities. Read it HERE.

During Black History Month, she spends her time attacking a Black Candidate (Candidate Benford) and a Black woman assisting in the candidacy of Benford for DuPage Township Office – at least 26 times…and this is only through the 22nd day of the month. (this paragraph corrected)

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TIMELINE (Click each date to read Kurowski’s postings)

  • Feb 2: Called Benford a liar, called her Guilty, said she participated in pulling the election lottery ball and told her she was a guilty party. – this is part of Kurowski’s election fraud conspiracy theory
  • Feb 3: Called Benford a “right-wing extremist”, “domestic terrorist”, and when talking about the Candidate in connection with the election lottery drawing, and to build on her unhinged claims of local election fraud, she used words like “flagrant terrorism attempt, in order to protect terrorist action, attempts of hijacking our local elections, a domestic attack against elections, you were complicit a crime was going to happen and you allowed it, the act of terrorism on the process of fair elections”
  • Feb 3: Implying the Benford “stood to benefit” and that she “got caught” – the truth in this clipping which Kurowski failed to state, is that the Township Attorney was informed and the Township Supervisor had no role in this lottery drawing.
  • Feb 3: Kurowski tries another unhinged conspiracy theory post by saying that Benford “conspired . . . to intentionally break the laws” and suggesting the Candidate pay to reprint ballots.
  • Feb 3:  Kurowski suggests that the Supervisor and the two white Township Trustees “self-govern” Benford, that they launch an investigation, and that Benford participated in illegal behavior for simply witnessing a ball being drawn from a paper bag.
  • Feb 4: Agreed with, and posted an abusive, false, mailer depicting Benford on it and also depicting a Confederate flag on it, along with a photo from the Jan 6th D.C. violence.
  • Feb 4: Kurowski is still foaming at the mouth and “calling out” Benford for simply being in the room to witness a ball being pulled out of a paper bag, and falsely saying Benford is cheating to win.
  • Feb 4: Kurowski writes a glowing report on a white Candidate (failing to include disciplinary information from his past State job) while trashing Benford and lying about her taking personal info home, paying her kids with township money, trying to pass false grants, and participating in cheating on the ballot placement. These claims against Benford have no shred of honesty at all. Kurowski even included a candidate photo for the white guy, but placed Benford (the Black Candidate) by a Confederate flag
  • Feb 5:  Falsely claimed Benford and us employ defamation. Kurowski calls Benford “Satan” and calls us “terrorists” and describes her [Kurowski’s] motives as a war – she even placed the word “fight” at the beginning of one of her new fake websites.
  • Feb 5:  Falsely claimed Benford called for her running mate to resign. The story Kurowski wrote on another Candidate pointed to the Court’s denial of no contact orders and a case where he was not found guilty of anything.
  • Feb 5: Posted a fake ballot with Benford’s name crossed out, while calling her a far-right-wing extremist party.
  • Feb 5: Falsely claimed Benford called for her own resignation. Falsely claimed Benford was “Censured for 12 counts of guilt on harassment” and is a threat to the Township.
  • Feb 11: Falsely claimed Benford is “censured” and should resign simply because she witnessed a ball being pulled out of a paper bag. Then Kurowski went on her unhinged rant about “we are starting this election rigged” and posting “If you can’t win an election, rig it.”
  • Feb 11: Another false post about the ballot and a rigged start
  • Feb 11:  Falsely insinuates Benford supports racists and the “capitol insurgency”
  • Feb 16:  Falsely insinuating Benford is trying to get her friends some funding for a new business venture
  • Feb 17:  Falsely claimed Benford campaigned during a Township meeting. Calls Benford “a disheveled woman who looks at wits end”
  • Feb 17:  Kurowski attacks Melissa Boatman by falsely attaching her with us (like she also does to Benford) – Kurowski does, however, give good pointers on spotting fake news – which directly applies to everything she ever writes
  • Feb 20: Kurowski says Benford should shut up, falsely claims her own party censured her, falsely claiming Benford is suing her own party – again, all lies, which is what we have come to expect from her.
  • Feb 21:  Kurowski lies about Benford and her being a Doctoral Candidate – it is almost as if Kurowski cannot believe a Black woman has the capacity to be a Doctoral Candidate. She lies about Benford claiming she dropped out, has not enrolled, and again makes the false claim that Benford was censured by her own party. Kurowski said she is offended and appalled about Benford being a Doctoral Candidate (Benford is a Doctoral Candidate and is enrolled in her Dissertation). The screenshots used in this posting show her underlying disdain for POC.
  • Feb 21:  Kurowski starts posting things she found in court records pertaining to Boatman – and falsely claiming she is a “far right-wing extremist” – Kurowski talks about Boatman’s “drug charges” while purposely failing to also state that those charges were dropped and not prosecuted.
  • Feb 21: Lied again in attacking Benford by calling her an extremist, and again falsely claiming she was censured
  • Feb 21:  Falsely bringing up the alleged censure again against Benford, and claiming she is attacking a white Trustee
  • Feb 22:  Attacks Benford again, this time claiming to be preparing libel suits. Falsely claiming that Benford and us are intentionally libeling people by intentionally “pulling up fake news”
  • Feb 22: Kurowski posts a “poll” asking people who they will vote for while falsely labeling Benford as the “extremist party” and labeling Benford’s opponent as Republican Party when he is actually running as a write-in with no party affiliation in this election
  • Feb 22: Kurowski falsely claims the Will County GOP censure of Kinzinger is about Benford’s team

From all of these unhinged postings in a closed Facebook group, it is clear that Kurowski has gone to extraordinary steps to impugn the reputation and integrity of these two Black, Women Candidate Benford and Boatman for an elective office in DuPage Township.

Her attacks on other candidates are nearly nonexistent when compared to the above – and all of it during Black History Month.

Self-Proclaimed “Reporter” Spends Black History Month Attacking Black Candidates As Satan; Publishing Wild Conspiracy Theories: Only Things Missing Are The White Sheets


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