Robbins Mayor Bryant Expresses Concern with District 218 Hiring Practices


Robbins Mayor Bryant Expresses Concern with District 218 Hiring Practices (Robbins, IL) –  Darren E. Bryant- Mayor of Robbins, Illinois- is expressing his disappointment and frustration concerning the racial dynamics that exist within Community High School District 218. Recently Richards High School announced the hiring of a new basketball coach much to the chagrin of African American residents, elected officials, Richards Alumni, and current students. Many of whom believed that the successful African American Freshman and Sophomore team coach has more than proven himself by winning numerous of [sic] conference championships at those levels [sic].

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Corey Wolf, a former Richards athlete and champion, a current coach, and alum, was passed over for the recently vacant head basketball coach position at Richards High School. Wolf was not considered even though his incredible resume includes some very noteworthy achievements and responsibilities such as:

  • Head Freshman Coach-where he won the Conference Championship.
  • Head Sophomore Basketball Coach-where he won the Conference Championship.
  • Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach-where he won the Conference Championship.
  • Member of the Richards lone 2008 State Championship basketball team.
  • Member of the Richards High School Hall of Fame

“Coach Wolf is another example of CHSD 218 unwillingness to practice what the institution preaches: equity and diversity. The community will not stand in silence anymore. You cannot fight diversity internally; this issue must be handled with the attention of the public watching. Not just at Richards High School, but CHSD 218’s student body is greatly diverse, while its district’s faculty is less than 5% African American. That same stat goes for other minorities. How can the district offer an array of multi-cultural and social benefits to all students regardless of race when its faculty lacks that very same diversity? We will assist the district in developing and adopting an aggressive black and minority hiring plan.” says Mayor Bryant.

Community leaders have argued for years that Richards High School and the other schools that make up Illinois Consolidated High School District 218 have not fully embraced the ever-changing demographic of its now overwhelmingly diverse student body.

The district just a year ago promised to address the overlining issues that led the current Superintendent of Illinois School District 218 to confirm that racism exists within the schools. The Superintendent promised then to not only address the matter, but make changes in its curriculum, faculty, and overall culture of the district to reflect greater diversity.

Mayor Bryant adds, “I talked with Wolf. He stated that he was told since he was not an in-district teacher, that it weighed and influenced the ultimate decision. We must note that two years ago the district did the exact opposite. Eisenhower High School was searching for a head football varsity vacancy. They passed on in-house 12-year African American varsity veteran Coach Holmes for an outside – interconnected candidate, while adding a teaching position for the new hire as well. Also think about this, [sic] Bryant added, [sic] I was told by a principal within the district that I was not the best hire for my teaching position. I am from the community, I am a district alum, and I am a leader within the community: thank God I had my community fighting for me or the system would have blocked me too. This isn’t just a Wolf story; this is the ongoing story of my fellow minority colleagues and students who have been stifled by the systems that lay within CHSD 218.”

Mayor Bryant has begun speaking with community leaders, elected officials and residents concerning [sic]. The community is also seeking a public meeting with District and School officials to guide the immediate steps and goals needed to address a recent appalling internal diversity audit. The mass group is very disturbed by the Issues within Richards High School and School District 218. They will stand united for change they seek.

Robbins Mayor Bryant Expresses Concern with District 218 Hiring Practices


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