Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rainbow PUSH partner with area organizations for a COVID-19 Call to Action

Bloom Township Senior Luncheon

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rainbow PUSH partner with area organizations for a COVID-19 Call to Action (Chicago, IL) – In partnership with HUD, HHS-HRSA and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. is holding an 11 a.m. press conference Thursday, July 1st, at the Concordia Place Apartments, 13037 S. Daniel Dr., Chicago, IL, where there will be a free COVID-19 Call to Action including a grocery giveaway.                                                   
Dr. Lisa Green, CEO and co-founder of the Family Christian Health Center and CEO and co-founder of the Illinois Baptist Disaster Relief program, will state the facts about COVID-19 and take questions and answers from the residents. Cook County Comm. Donna Miller will also speak on the importance of being vaccinated.
“We are proud of the efforts underway to ensure that the most impacted populations get vaccinated,” said James A. Cunningham, HUD Midwest Deputy Regional Administrator. “At HUD, it is our highest priority to ensure that HUD-assisted households have equitable access and resources available to make informed decisions.”
Rev. Jackson, Rainbow PUSH Coalition National Field Director Bishop Tavis Grant, and Rainbow PUSH Coalition Youth Director Rev. Cameron Barnes, have been working closely with the owners of Capital Realty, which owns the complex, Cunningham and others in addressing infestation and administrative problems at the 300-unit complex.
“When people organize and address the issues of mold, mildew, rats and roaches…when people finally come together and their demands are being met and they have their houses cleaned out, recreation for the children, Laundromats for the adults, this project is in play and is going very well,” said Rev. Jackson referring to HUD’s commitment to oversee Capital Realty’s promise to rehab all Concordia Place apartments.
The Concordia Place Apartments are privately owned by the Capital Realty Group but funded by HUD.
Rev. Jackson is also pleased that the Concordia Place Apartment residents will be given COVID-19 vaccinations including the children. Pfizer vaccinations for youth 12 and above will be given and Moderna vaccinations for those 18 and older will be offered.
“Given how densely populated the Concordia Place Apartments are, it is imperative and almost an urgent matter that these vaccinations be given,” Bishop Grant said. “Addressing this pandemic with both testing and providing vaccines will save lives.
“A number of those who have been tested and those who have had the vaccines are far to low,” Bishop Grant said. “Residents have lost their lives in the complex. The numbers of those who are vaccinated are far to low and the threats of disease and death are far too high in the black and brown communities.
“What is happening on Thursday is a huge step forward to saving and preserving lives all at the same time,” Bishop Grant said.
Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rainbow PUSH partner with area organizations for a COVID-19 Call to Action

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