Republican Lawmakers Call for End of Illinois House Mask Mandate

Republican lawmakers call for end of Illinois House mask mandate
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Republican Lawmakers Call for End of Illinois House Mask Mandate (Springfield, IL) — The indoor mask mandate has expired in Illinois and State Representative Adam Niemerg (R-Dieterich) along with State Representatives Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur); and Blaine Wilhour (R-Beecher City) are calling on House Speaker Emanuel Chris Welch to end the mandate on the House floor.

State Reps. Adam Niemerg, Dan Caulkins, and Blaine Wilhour say it is time to return to normalcy.

Representatives Escorted Out of Chamber

“Today, we again entered the Illinois House chamber without a mask and again we were escorted off the House floor.

While the indoor mask mandate in Illinois is over; it is very much alive in the Illinois House of Representatives.

We are told the indoor mask mandate is no longer necessary and so it is being lifted statewide, and according to the CDC, mask requirements are no longer necessary for most of the country.

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So, why is the Illinois House keeping the mask mandate in place? The reason is simple. Control.

Authoritarianism, Symbolic Subjugation Without Data

The authoritarian leftists have turned masks into a symbol of subjugation. They are keeping the mask rule simply because they can. The majority party has no data to back up their actions, but this is, of course, not about public health. It is about power and control.

Different Speaker. Same authoritarian mentality.

All we are asking is for the mask mandate to be lifted. Those who want to wear masks are free to do so, but we should be able to do what everyone in Illinois is now able to do and that is to decide for ourselves if we want to wear a mask. Let’s end the mandates and go to mask optional on the House floor.”

Republican Lawmakers Call for End of Illinois House Mask Mandate


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