Representative Carol Ammons’ Statement on the Monumental Education Package to Rid Systemic Racism Passes Senate & House

Representative Carol Ammons’ Statement on the Monumental education package to Rid Systemic Racism Passes Senate & House
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“As Chairwoman of the Illinois House Higher Education Committee, my work has consistently been aimed at improving access to education for students, especially Black students. I am proud of the effort that has gone into House Bill 2170. In partnership with the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus under the esteemed leadership of Senator Kimberly Lightford, members, staff, advocates,
and stakeholders put in over 45 hours of tireless work. Writing this bill was a gargantuan undertaking.

“This monumental bill will provide equity in access and opportunity for students across the state. In a country where Black students are nearly 250 years behind their white counterparts, this bill aims to systemically and systematically level the playing field. The provisions in this bill have been meticulously crafted in an effort to directly combat the racism and deep-seated inequity that has permeated our educational system for over 200 years. The ultimate goal of this bill is to change the trajectory of education in the state of Illinois toward true equality and integration for our students.

“The provisions of HB 2170, listed below, are the result of the work of many advocacy groups, state agencies, and universities in an effort to ensure that the different components of our educational system work in tandem with each other to achieve the ultimate goal of transforming the system at large: Kindergarten Assessment, EI Services thru 3rd Bday, Equitable ECE and Care Funding (GOECD), Data Collection, Whole Child Task Force, Equity in Early Education Act with dyslexia, Infant Early Childhood Mental Health Consultations, Diagnostic Codes, Increasing Access to Financial Supports, Equitable Coursework for College Access Act, Anti-Racism Element (EBF), Computer Science, Academic Acceleration, Learning Recovery P20 Council Charge, Freedom Schools, School Year/Learning Loss, PRP Equity, Workforce DHS, IBHE Resolution, Developmental Education Bill, Invest in Kids Act, Automated Traffic Cam Suspension Bill, ALT CERT GPA Abolishment, MTI Language, Articulation Language, AIM HIGH, Inclusive History Commission.

“With no expressed opposition from stakeholders on this omnibus package, my colleagues and I are proud to have passed HB2170 and I look forward to seeing these provisions implemented. I would like to thank the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, Leader Kimberly Lightford, Representative LaShawn Ford, staff, all of the education advocates, and Illinois State agencies for their unwavering support and tireless work in making this bill law.”


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