Pink Hatz Construction LLC Brings Home Improvement and Women Empowerment to the Southland

Pink Hatz Construction LLC


Pink Hatz Construction LLC (Chicago Heights, IL) Pink Hatz is a woman-owned and operated minority construction company. Located in Chicago Heights, Illinois, Pink Hatz Construction specializes in residential and commercial improvement projects. According to the business owner, Sashe Ivy, “We specialize in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. We do roofing, siding, and more for residential and commercial industries. We also have licensed electricians and plumbers under our belt.” 

A One Stop Shop

The services of Pink Hatz Construction are various and versatile. “We do anything from renovations, rehabs, plumbing, electrical work, and remodeling.  We can handle it all and we are very fair,” said Ivy. In addition to that, Pink Hatz Construction prides itself on being able to conquer all construction related jobs. “No job too big, no job too small, Pink Hatz Construction does it all,” said the business owner.

Construction Upbringing

The owner of Pink Hatz Construction, Sashe Ivy, has been in the field for close to two decades. “I’ve been in the real estate industry for 20 some years. So my background is real estate, project management, and rehabbing. I’ve been on a construction site for about 20 some years and then I decided to go ahead and become a female general contractor,” said Ivy. 

Changing the Norm

Ivy wanted to create a female-owned and operated company in a male dominant field. “One of the reasons that I decided to start a female construction company is because construction is generally looked at as a man’s world,” said Ivy.

Reassuring Clients

Pink Hatz Construction takes satisfaction in helping their clients every step of the way. They understand that many do not have much experience with construction or remodeling. Pink Hatz Construction has numerous examples of highly satisfied customers because they took the time to educate them on their work. This is in addition to offering the best price. “ I had a lady that had this guy come in. He gave her a very low price for a renovation. He didn’t show up for two months, wouldn’t return her calls, and wouldn’t come back to finish the job. Pink Hatz Construction came in and we did not even ask her for a deposit. We were two thousand dollars lower than other contractors and we finished her kitchen. Not only that, she asked us to finish the rest of the apartment’s painting, floors, bathroom, and she sent us so many referrals,” said Ivy.

Recent Launch

Although Sashe has been in the construction industry for many years, Pink Hatz Construction made its debut in 2020. “We have been in the industry for 20 plus years, but we actually started Pink Hatz Construction just in 2020. At this point right now, we are actually rebranding because I wanted Pink Hatz Construction to stand out. We changed it to Pink Hatz with the Z instead of an S,” said Ivy.

Female Empowerment

However, Pink Hatz Construction is not only a construction company. They strive to mentor and empower women as well. “We are going to start to give ladies information about construction rehabbing.  It is going to be a blog called ‘Pink Hatz: The Tea with the Z’. We have an apprentice program and we are going to start a training program because our goal is to empower women. Women that have reentry, women that have been abused, and women that never thought that they could  just go out and start a business in construction and make money. We mentor and help them every step of the way. That is one of our goals and visions,” said Ivy.

Equal Opportunity 

Despite Pink Hatz Construction being woman-owned and operated, they offer opportunities to all. “We do have men and they work with us as well. We will welcome and train anyone that has a vision and ambition,” said Ivy.

Hopes for the Future

Sashe Ivy’s company has expanded greatly. “We are all over Illinois and Indiana, but we definitely want to help revitalize the south suburbs. That was another reason for why we wanted our office in Chicago Heights,” said Ivy. However, she has very big goals when it comes to the future of Pink Hatz Construction. “I just have a heart for helping people and my ultimate goal is to be known as the largest female construction company that is empowering women. I look at Pink Hatz Construction as bringing back the community one home at a time,” said Ivy. 

If interested, Pink Hatz Construction is located at 283 East 14th Street Chicago Heights, IL 60411. The hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. They can be reached at 708-964-3656. Be sure to visit Pink Hatz Construction LLC via its website at

Pink Hatz Construction LLC


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